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  Posted on November 24, 2010 at 2:29 PM
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Yukigaaru, The Respected Commander of the Military

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This guide was created with the purpose of providing an easy-to-access, and up-to-date, source of general information regarding forum rules and code of conduct for the War of Ninja community. All members are expected to have read this guide, and are otherwise unknowingly subjecting themselves to the risk of violating this site's rules and regulations. We will punish any violation to the points presented in the following posts whether this guide has been read or not. Apart from the general forum rules and member expectations for this community, this guide also provides: important in-depth interpretations for each of the rules and other valuable information meant to maximize the experience of any member of the War of Ninja community.

Table of Contents

1. Rules and Guidelines
2. In-Depth Definition
3. Warnings and Bans Information
4. Thumbs Up!
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Final Note
  Posted on January 5, 2011 at 12:35 PM
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Yukigaaru, The Respected Commander of the Military

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The following content presented in this post contains the global rules and guidelines for the War of Ninja forums. Global rules are those which are applied to everything forum and site related; down to the last comment. Please keep in mind that each of the forum's individual sections may contain section-specific rules which override the global rules for that particular section. Also note that all of the rules presented in this post are equally applied to account profiles, avatars, clan profiles, private messages, and signature spaces. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Do not spam or stretch.*

2. Do not flame.*

3. Do not discuss nor post anything which is generally considered racist or otherwise prejudice.*
- This includes images, links to external sites, etc.

4. Do not harass other users of the forum.*
- This includes moderators, global moderators and administrators.

5. Do not double post or multi-post.*

6. Do not flood the forums by creating a large number of posts/topics within a short period of time.*
- Where only posts are concerned, this is usually defined as being several pages in length.
- The Spam Kingdom is not an exception to this rule.

7. Do not discuss/link/post pornographic material and/or other explicit material.
- Hentai is considered pornography.

8. The use of pornographic material in your avatar/profile/signature is strictly prohibited.
- Any form of nudity, sexual activity, or inappropriate levels of bared skin are not allowed.
- Any text, transcript, or writing depicting explicit sexual activity or sexual context are prohibited as well.
- Anything hinting at sexual behaviors or acts will also fall under this category.

9. Linking to any form of cracked software, torrents, warez, etc, or making any illegal transactions on these forums which contribute to piracy is strictly prohibited.

10. Do not interfere with any special event, such as tournaments, or any other form of competitions.
[ Please refer to the In-Depth Definition section of this guide for more information. ]

11. Do not attempt to steal other member's accounts via scams. Violators will be subject to disciplinary actions that may affect their experience in-game as well.*

12. Do not impersonate a member, a moderator, or any other member of the staff.*

13. Do not use an avatar that does not belong to you. Editing an avatar that does not belong to you is also prohibited.

14. Do not refer or discuss moderator, global moderator, or administrator and/or their actions unless you are given permission by a global moderator or administrator.

15. Refrain from Private Messaging Administrators if the issue is something that can be solved by someone else on the forums.

16. Advertising or promoting other websites/services as a whole is not allowed.

17. Do not back-seat moderate. See in-depth definitions for more information.

18. Do not evade your bans. If you evade your bans, you will be subject to more dire disciplinary actions.

19. Do not share classified information! This also applies to moderators. Posting teasers will be considered sharing classified information; whether the teaser is legitimate or not will not be considered when your punishment is given to you.

20. Do not cause unnecessary drama. If you are causing a problem and refuse to stop when asked by the moderators, your posts will be considered spam. (see definition section for more information on drama).

21. Do not publicly trade accounts (War of Ninja or otherwise).

22. Do not post foreign text where it is not applicable.

23. Do not break any of these regulations on alternate accounts. Violating this might effect the status of your main account.

24. Obey all reasonable requests by moderators and administrators.

25. The use of excessive gore, bloodshed, or violence material in your avatar/profile/signature is strictly prohibited.
- Any text, transcript, or writing depicting excessive gore, bloodshed, or violence material are prohibited as well.
- Each case violating this rule will be dealt with individually, thus the punishments may vary.

26. In regards to bumping, a post made in order to bump a topic may be made once every five days by the creator of the topic (or, if it is a clan topic, also by members of the clan).

27. Necroposting: Any topic left without posts for over 1 month will be deemed dead. Posting in these topics without a valid reason (rating/congratulating, etc. are NOT valid reasons, if you are unsure if your reason is valid or not, contact a staff member BEFORE you post) will be deemed necroposting, and a warning will be given. Threads in which this rule is breached will be locked to prevent further abuse for post count.

Note: More information may be found in the In-Depth Definition section of this guide for those rules marked by the asterisk (*) symbol.
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Yukigaaru, The Respected Commander of the Military

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You can find some of the rules elaborated upon to reduce any misunderstanding.

Spam: A message and/or topic that is pointless, off-topic, or otherwise lacks content that adds to the discussion.
• Posts that do not answer the question the topic starter asks. (I.E. "I don't know.")
• Posting topics with misleading titles.
• Quoting someone without adding your own opinion to it. (Just adding "Agreed", "What he/she said", "This", "Yeah", etc. is also not allowed.)
• Reserved posts that are not filled within one hour. (This excludes posts reserved by topic creators.)
• A post only consisting of emotion faces.
• Posts made in a foreign language outside of its proper section. (All sections are English, unless otherwise noted.)
• Posting topics that have no content to be discussed. (I.E. "Look at my signature", "Come to my chatbox", "I need a friend".)

'Stretching' is when a member creates a post that is longer than it needs to be, usually by having a lot of spaces and/or characters.

Double Posting: Posting twice or more times in a row without other people's posts in between. Please utilize the "Edit" button if you forgot anything in your previous post.

Flooding: Intentionally posting many times in a short period of time. 6 or more posts in a row, or many multi posts in one topic will automatically be considered as flooding. Flooding can also take place if you create many useless/similar topics, or send many Private Messages to users in a short period of time.

Flaming: Any posts meant to offend or hurt any other member in a manner which is offensive and/or insulting. Even calling someone a n00b is considered light flaming.

Light Flame: Harsh criticism and anything offensive, but nothing "major."
• "Noob"
• "You are stupid"
• "You need to grow up kid"

Moderate Flame: Any sort of offence/insult that is neither extremely offensive, nor light flame.
• "Idiot"
• "Retard"
• "Moron"

Heavy Flame: Anything racist, profane, sexist, or extremely offensive.

Harassment: Constantly nagging someone with offensive or negative messages in an attempt to make them feel unhappy or annoyed.

Warez: Illegally copied software that is often associated with pirating.

Ripping: Taking someone else's original artwork, such as signatures and avatars, and claiming them as your own. Even if you slightly edit the image, it is still considered ripped.

Scamming: Attempting to trick or persuade somebody in handing over the password to their account.

Impersonation: Replicating someone's profile and/or name in order to appear to be that person. This goes double pertaining to impersonating a War of Ninja Moderator/Administrator.

Event Interference: Performing actions with the intent of causing disruption in events. There are several ways you can commit event interference. The ways to commit event interference are: Joining an event without the intent of participating, searching to private battle a tournament participant without being in the tournament, and spamming or flooding in event threads.

Back-Seat Moderating: Acting as if you (a member) are a moderator and handing out warnings and/or other moderator duties.
Here are some examples that are considered back-seat moderaing:
• "Do not spam".
• "This is spamming".
• "This topic is locked".
• "You are banned".
• "You will be banned".

Pretending you have any sort of influence over a decision concerning a member is not tolerated.

This also includes 'banning' or 'blacklisting' a member(s) from your topics. Members do not have such power, in case you feel someone is breaking the rules and/or feel harassed, contact a moderator of that section with a legitimate reason as well as a reasonable amount of proof.

Ban Evading: Using an alternative account to post on the forums while you are banned. This includes using any account (created in the past or now). Even if you use your friend's account, you will be banned.

Classified Information: Any information that is not meant to be released to the general public.

Drama: A statement or any sort of indirectly content which is "controversial" with the intent of annoying, and instigating a fight against another party. It is basically a post which causes members to fight among themselves.
drama-boi676: "you won that war only because you were playing cheap, you have no skill".
DramaCauser11: "He was using vulgar language then blocked me on MSN".
drama_starter5: "I was on chatbox of this clan and there were many idiots".
clanDr4ma9: "Captain of XYZ kicked me from the clan because I've lost in a tournament. He should be kicked instead of me for this!"
trolling_man: "XXX clan is full of cheaters! who agrees with me?"
tr0ll591: "people playing this game are idiots!"
• Troll Accounts: Accounts/alt accounts that were made for the sole purpose of spamming, trolling, or any other violation of the rules, as an attempt to avoid getting in trouble on their real account. Which doesn't work because these accounts are normally permanently IP-banned.


Ripping is when you take something that is not made by you, nor do you have the permission to utilize it.

What is considered ripping?
• Using an avatar without permission.
• Using a symbol without permission.
• Using a signature without permission.
• Replicating someone's work exactly.

What is not considered ripping?
• Using the same stock/render as someone else.
• Replicating an effect.
• Using tutorials.
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Yukigaaru, The Respected Commander of the Military

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This section will describe to you how the new warning and ban system will operate.

When a rule is broken, the following things will happen:
1. A moderator will warn your post.
2. You will be given "Warning Point(s)."
3. You will receive a Private Message telling you where you were warned and the reason for your warning.

After a certain number of "Warning Point(s)" you will be given a ban. The following will describe the ban length corresponding to the number of "Warning Point(s)":
5 warning points = 1 day ban
10 warning points = 1 week ban
15 warning points = 2 week ban
20 warning points = 1 month ban
25 warning points = 6 month ban
30 warning points = Permanent ban

Please remember that bans may not go in order. In the event that a major rule is broken, moderators will not hesitate to move to the permanent ban, immediately.

The following will describe what happens when banned:

Unable to create/edit posts.
Unable to create/edit topics.
Unable to change your avatar.
Unable to change your signature.
Unable to change your settings.
Unable to send Private Messages.
Unable to manage your clan.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact a moderator. The full list of moderators can be found: here.
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Yukigaaru, The Respected Commander of the Military

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This section is here to explain the new feature that is known as “Thumbing-Up” a post.

Thumbing-up a post should be used to show that a post has proven itself useful, or that the content of the post shows great interest to you. Posts that are given a “Thumbs-Up” will be seen by other users.

It is quite simple as to how the “Thumbs-Up” system works. When you see a post you find useful or interesting to you like such:

Simply click the “Thumbs-Up” button. After clicking the “Thumbs-Up!” button, the post should look similar to this one:

As you can see, the post now has one thumb up; this is seen by all members. You cannot “Thumb-up” the same post more than once.

By thumbing up a post, you increase the contribution points of the poster by 1.

In order to prevent abuse, precautions are taken. If you decide to “Thumb-Up” multiple posts of a single user, the value of your “Thumb-Up” for that user drops a bit with each thumb up you give that user.

Simply put, the max number of "Thumbs-Up" points you can give an individual user is 4. Once you have thumbed up a user eleven times, your "Thumbs-Up" will no longer increase that user's thumb up score.
  Posted on January 5, 2011 at 12:37 PM
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Yukigaaru, The Respected Commander of the Military

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Forum FAQ

Q: Is there a search function on the forums?
A: Unfortunately, at this moment we do not support such a function on the forums themselves. We recommend that you use Google to help you find a topic that you're looking for.

Q Why isn't my post count going up?
A: The post count indicator may take a bit of time to update, so please don't be so worried. Another reason may be that 'Post Count' is turned off in the section you're posting in.

Here is a list of sections with post count and thumb-ups turned off:
• Introductions and Farewells
• Clan Hub ('Recruitment Center' & 'War of Ninja Clan' only.)
• Miscellaneous (Includes 'Forum Games'.)
• The Union (Includes all subsections.)
• Interest (Includes all subsections.)

Q: Why isn't the thumb up button showing up?
A: If the post count is turned off in a section, thumbs up are disabled as well.

Q: Why isn't my new avatar showing up?
A: It usually takes some time to refresh by itself. If you refresh the whole page by pressing the combination of CTRL + F5 on your keyboard, it should show up.

Q: How can I add an image to my signature/post?
A: To add an image to your signature space or your post/topic, simply click the "Image" button (Or just CTRL + P). Then all you have to do is paste the direct image URL (For example, and click OK.

Moderator FAQ

Q: Where can I find a list of the moderators and their sections?
A: A list of all the moderators can be found here.

Q: How do I report someone breaking the rules?
A: To report a post or a topic, simply click the "Report" button located in the top right corner of the post. That's it basically, don't do anything more and moderators will take it from there.

Here is how the button looks like:

Q: How do I become a moderator?
A: We are currently not taking sign-ups. If you act in a respectable manner and obey the rules on a regular basis, your chances will be severely higher than those who constantly break the rules.
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Yukigaaru, The Respected Commander of the Military

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Special Thanks:
Yukigaaru, Yuudai, Nori | Creating War of Ninja.
War of Ninja Staff | Upholding and creating the guide and serving the forum.
Ts_Faraz | Creating the images for the guide.

We would like to give a special thanks to past moderators who have spent their valuable time serving the forums:

Head Moderators:

Global Moderators:

Fleur-De-Lis, Ian, Nuckleheadninja, Xelian, Xyber.

Dear War of Ninja Members,

We, the War of Ninja staff, are here to serve the community of members and players. We welcome free speech, however, this does not mean we will tolerate anything or everything you say; we hope that members are able to speak to each other respectfully. By deleting posts, locking threads, and banning users, we are only trying to keep the boards clean and appropriate so that the utmost enjoyment is possible. Members should not be afraid to message us with reports of rule breaking, general questions, or problems of your own. However, this does not mean you will always get the response you want. Depending on the content of the message, we may not respond at all or merely redirect you to another place to ask the question. You must understand that we are very busy with moderating the forums and we also must commit some of our time to our lives. During our short time since becoming moderators, we have experienced spam, flaming, flooding, etc. We decided to put our time and effort to create this guide so that members and moderators alike can have a mutual understanding.

Finally, we will under no circumstance tolerate anyone attempting to abuse the site in any way. Whether that person is using an alternate account, or their own, violators will be banned upon discover of their abuse.

Removal of bans will be considered by the staff, and the staff only. Requests by members to remove bans will be ignored. Complaining frowned upon.

We reserve the right to make any alterations or remove any and all parts of this forum guide at our pleasing. We expect all members to be fully aware of the changes and agree to respect all of these rules whether or not they read this guide.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post,
War of Ninja Staff.