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  Posted on January 19, 2011 at 10:55 PM
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This topic is to help give you a starting incentive on what you should have in your introduction topic. These are all merely suggestions on how to get started.

Part 1: Game info – This is a good place to start. All this will be stuff about your account here on WoN. You may find that some of this will not apply to you if you are just starting, however some people introduce themselves on the forums a while after playing the games, so I decided to include the info anyways.
Game wrote:

Username: This one is pretty self explanatory.
Nicknames: Anything you’d rather be called besides your username. This can be a shortened version of your username, or a different nickname entirely.
Highest level: The highest level you have attained to this point. This will be higher if you have played more already.
Highest streak: Similar to the highest level, the highest amount of wins in a row you have attained.
Highest ladderrank: The highest point you have been on the WoN playing ladder.
Clan info: Any current or previous clans you have been a part of.
Graphics maker: For anyone who makes GFX, you can answer yes or no, and if you feel like it, show some examples.
Previous sites: As we know, WoN is connected to both Naruto-Arena & Soul-Arena. If you had an account on either of the sites, you can share your account name.

Part 2: Personal info – This is where you can share details about yourself. Again, how personal and how much you’d like to share is completely up to you. These are merely suggestions.
Personal wrote:

Name: Your real name. I’d only suggest sharing your first name over the internet, but again, how much you’d like to share is up to you.
Age: How old are you (Should be calculated in human years, as to make it easier for all to understand)
Location: Where you live. Again, how much detail you go into is up to you. I’d only suggest giving your country, and possibly city if you really feel like being specific.
Language(s): If you’re reading this, you more then likely speak the English language. You can fill in if you speak any other languages.
Timezone: This one is recommended, because WoN is played around the world, everyone uses different timezones.

Part 3: Talents and skills – Tell us what your hobbies are. This can include drawing, poetry & storywriting, playing and/or watching sports, different games, television shows, or whatever else you can think of that you do for fun. You can also tell us what you’re good at, which can be the same things as your hobbies. There will be no template for this one, as it will likely ben filled out in full sentence form.

Part 4: Questions and suggestions – Anything that you are unsure of over the boards can be filled in here. This site is filled with friendly and helpful moderators and members who would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the game or forum in to the best of their abilities. You can also share any suggestions you could have for the game or forum. If you can’t think of any during your introduction topic, there is always a whole section dedicated to both your questions and suggestions.
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