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Link to install the Mafia Userscript

Download and install the Mafia Userscript

About the Mafia Userscript

First of all, let me make one thing clear:

*** you can play mafia games without the help of this userscript ***

The userscript is there to make things easier for you, but if you don't want to install it, you don't have to.

The userscript automatically adds up the votes in a Mafia game and shows them at the top and bottom of the page. It also prevents you from accidentally posting in a Mafia game that you are not playing in.

The userscript also offers features that will enhance the forum-experience of people not playing Mafia games. It gives you the option to always show the first post of a topic at the top of the page, even on later pages in the topic. It also gives you the option to hide the "Top Contributors", "News Ticker", "Latest Poll" and "Statistics" windows from your view.

Installing the Mafia Userscript

The script can be downloaded from this page (click download button on the right of the page).

The userscript can only be installed on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It cannot be installed on Internet Explorer. In order to install userscripts in Google Chrome, you only need to follow the above link and click on the download button on the right of the page, and then a window will popup asking you if you'd like to install the script. In order to install userscripts in Mozilla Firefox, you first need to install the addon Greasemonkey. After you've done so, you can install it the same way as on Google Chrome (by clicking the download button).
(if this explanation confuses you, take a look at the WoN Userscripts topic where Sand_Spirit explains it in more detail)

Manual for players

At the main page of the forum (so not the page you're seeing if you're reading this topic, but this page), there is a new 'widget' at the bottom right (under the poll and the user statistics). You can set your personal preferences for the userscript there.

In the topics where Mafia Games are played, the current post count will automatically be inserted at the top and bottom of every page. In order for your vote to be included in this votecount, make sure you bold your vote, for instance: Vote DutchShinobi. The same goes for unvoting. You can simply unvote without specifying who or you can unvote a certain player, for example: Unvote DutchShinobi. Lowercase and uppercase letters can be mixed up, but otherwise the name of the player you're voting should be spelled fully and correctly. VoTE dutCHSHINObi would be registered correctly, but Vote Dutch wouldn't. Also, mind that votes enclosed in a quote-block or spoiler-block won't be counted. You can only vote for players who are alive in the game or you can vote for "no lynch" (e.g.: Vote no lynch).

You will find that you can't use the edit-button anymore in Mafia games. That's because it's not allowed to edit your posts in these games. By disabling your edit-button, the userscript is helping you by preventing you from accidentally breaking the rules of the game. For the same reason, posting new messages might be disabled in certain phases of the game or when you're dead. Remember that if you want to get around these restrictions, you can easily disable the userscript and enable it again after you've done what it wouldn't let you.

Have fun playing mafia!

Manual for moderators

This can be found in the Mafia Userscript Manual topic in the General Questions section of the forums.

Questions about the userscript?

All questions concerning the userscript can be asked in the Mafia Q&A topic in the Mafia Town section of the forums.
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