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  Posted on August 7, 2013 at 3:15 AM
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GregarFalar, The Relaxed Tactician of the Nobles

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First off, let my opening statement be that i admire you guys for taking back the wheel and pumping WoN back into life. I`ve seen online games come and go, and even if i did not continue to play this game for months, i would surely not have wanted such fate from it. In fact, consider that there are so many errors and random downtimes during this first day of release, and yet people are STILL flocking to play this game, getting past all the badness to hurry torwards the new era. Only great games can conjure this sort of impression, and once the dust settles, I`m sure fresh blood will too be satisfied with what you have made

The more splintered storyline allows you to take diverse routes in case you get stuck, and that is a valuable tool in this game. The independence from other players for these matches also propels you torwards a smoother progression. The quickbattle seems alright and the leveling system is smooth enough to not completelly turn me off after i`ve been pampered by full leveled characters.

Now, here`s the thing i wanted to touch on: Characters. I`m not against the leveling system, it adds another dimension of depth to your character. When i looked at the new characters, i was psyched, they had designs that could`ve NOT been pushed without this new system, however this raises to an issue: The old characters

What i see as an issue here is that the old characters were made to WORK when fully geared, unlike the new designs which, in my opinion, have obviously different forms of builds just by looking at the upgrades. However, the original cast has a small impediment where their kits do not feel complete. This is SPECIALLY true for Boss characters, who have to invest TWO levels on their last ability to engage their passive or THREE because of their active kit. You might not need Jikkosu`s Uncontrollable once in a while, but Hahen REALLY wants his Crystal Skin to tank effectivelly since every ounce of health matters for him, and to achieve that, you have to hurt one or two of your other abilities, which feels crippling rather than interesting.

Other ninjas have the same issue: They can pick a kit that is consistent and not worry much about the details, some skills are just NOT worth skilling because the boost is negligible. For instance, Shoji`s Shadow Guard is not very attractive to skill because he already hates SO HARD on ranged damage. Yume`s Waking Dream isn`t that good by level 3 because good teams will probably have finished the match by then. Megami also shares the same issue; where you won`t need Saint`s Kiss for that long. Ikuchi will often see himself pigeonholed on his build because he`s more about Snakebites than Strangles. A lot of boosts for generic skills are increases in 5, something not very noticeable. Most of the old characters are not very fit for this system, and for a normal, nonboss character, Only one of your skills will not be maxed, which causes this system to feel very forced and not very appealing, not to mention hurtful for those who appreciate old endgame bosses. I feel like this system should go either farther, or be rolled back, because as of right now, it is on an uncanny middle ground. Older characters should allow newer bounds rather than just ending right where we let them, and there will have to be a ton of rebalancing with this new rollout, so i guess this is a minor setback in comparison to what has been carrying this game back into steam

With this more update friendly version of the game, i know there`s more room for exploration and improvement, and i`m sure you will exploit it at its fullest, you`ve made all the right decisions before and surely you will make them again, so i wish you luck in surprising all of us with whichever new arms you have under your sleeve.
  Posted on August 7, 2013 at 3:22 AM
Zadion, The Twisted Child of Death

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So, in other words...
Zadion wrote:

I still think the level 7 cap blows.

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  Posted on August 7, 2013 at 11:30 PM
mphdragon, The Dark Wolf, Rank 1 of PLS-3

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I agree. I don't see why they have the level 7 cap. It forces you to have 1 underpowered skill compared to the rest and characters like hahen will suffer.
  Posted on December 24, 2013 at 2:26 AM
VertuHonagan, The Old Samurai of the Ancients

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I have to agree, when they were talking about the rpg system before the game was released, they PROMISED us that the characters, when fully leveled up, would be the EXACT same as they were before the update. The only difference was that you leveled up the characters to level 10 to LEARN the characters build and how their skills work. It was a way to TEACH new players how to better play the game and use their characters to the best potential. Instead without having full skilled characters, all they have done was ruined a lot of characters and broken the balance terribly.