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  Posted on November 3, 2013 at 6:40 AM
edwinas5524, The Untouchable Swordsman of the Nobles

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even if I was that guy who was against it, I think if we have so many players online, this game is better than it was before so I like it.... yeah some people don't like to level up characters, but WoN before was way too easy, and if you're getting characters fast in other arenas its really sad because its really time consuming.... now people have to stay here like you to level up them to feel rpg system and without it many noobs and you would leave it after they'll get all characters.... thats sad too.... btw don't compare this to other arenas because its nothing like it, we are going different direction....
  Posted on November 3, 2013 at 7:26 AM
Ein, The Crystal Fire of the Red Dawn

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edwinas wrote:

don't compare this to other arenas because its nothing like it

What are you talking about?
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  Posted on November 3, 2013 at 7:38 AM
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crazymonkey3, The Dark Kid of Death

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You do realize that Sennin Jiraiya's Mission or Sai's take weeks and weeks to do if you don't swap? 4 in a row vs Konan? That's Ok. It isn't hard finding 1 character out of 160. Not at all.

Idc what others say but i like this more than the old WoN. Old one was boring. Everything was the same. Now with the different builds every character has its + and -. The only reason why they aren't releasing chapters so often is because its really hard to code the Bosses. Before everyone (including me) was complaining (well not exactly complaining) that they want more bosses. And here you go. 55 characters + 5/6 more who aren't yet released. 60 bosses. How cant you be happy with that? Also which of the 2 arena's have AI battles? Yep. None.

Btw a question: If you don't like S-a and N-a why did you make an alt and got everything in a week? This doesn't make sense. Loosing 1 week in a game you hate.

And note that those who got their characters removed received a starter pack with gold, xp and CHARACTERS. If they didn't remove characters then what would be the point in the update anyways? Oh look we can now finally level characters. *Chars already leveled*.
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  Posted on November 3, 2013 at 7:41 AM
Shikate, The Untouchable Shadow of the Ancients

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Don't blame him or tell that his review isn't a review. The true is that it's his own option, and, if we want to have players, we need to respect all of them. I can just try to soften Your option. The first thing is that You need to understand that WoN is rather a BETA version at the moment. You can tell that old Story was better and I need to agree with You, but the true is that we just need to wait till every story will come out. Now we can see just unrelated chapters. But I think that when chapter first and second' story will be completed, there will be more connection between them. You need to play long to find characters? Yeah, it can be problematic for everyone. I can't understand it because I unlocked everything before the change, but people who didn't need to be angry. You just need to wait: WoN staff knows that the change isn't that good as it was supposed to be... Like Nori told: ,,Forgive me for not completely rewriting years of work in a few months? ''. We just need to wait.

Every player is needed for the game, so never criticize somebody for separate option. Then we will never gain new players and old players will never back to us.
  Posted on November 3, 2013 at 7:52 AM
Murasaki_Karasu, The Trueborn Savior of the Ancestors

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I agree with crazymonkey. Many characters can play differently depending on their builds, which is pretty exciting. Also, the fact that we have an actual working AI system to play against is an impressive feat in and of itself.

I personally find WoN: Reborn worlds more entertaining to play than the old one. Yes, it takes longer and requires more time, which gets somewhat tedious at times, but I still have fun doing all of it.

These guys bust their asses, and have even taken many of your opinions under consideration, despite how rude and ungrateful you may present them. I don't think a little gratitude and patience is too much to ask.
  Posted on November 3, 2013 at 9:21 AM
edwinas5524, The Untouchable Swordsman of the Nobles

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Ein wrote:


What are you talking about?

with rpg elements this game is totally difterent from n-a and s-a just game play is the same, everything else is different....
  Posted on November 3, 2013 at 11:17 AM
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MitzT, Smoker of the Winter

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I'm gonna throw my two cents in here aswell.

I understand that some of the aspects of the new War of Ninja leave you frustrated, but your review does not provide alot of useful information for the admins to work with here.

I feele like you are only focusing on negative aspects of the game, which makes you seem like you are plainly ranting about the game.

Also, you kind of contradict yourself aswell. you constantly talk about the "RPG" aspect of WoN and then call yourself an idiot for doing so basically.

and the S-A and N-A argument was really just kind of ignorant. They don't take long to get all the characters? I had some trouble getting to level 31 even, to get some of the higher level characters. S-A and N-A might not currently be focusing as much on the 'hardcore' aspects like WoN is doing, but you have to give the admins a chance to work with you, not sound like some spoilt child who has had his candy taken away or something.

I hope I don't offend you, 'cause that's not what I intended to do. This is just what I took away from your review.