Topic: Gods' Game [MAFIA DAY 3]

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  Posted on February 15, 2014 at 4:47 PM
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Zadion wrote:


Man, lynching Ragi automatically made you suspicious because he was the Ninja. Lynchng Joe would've been better simply because he actually shows up as guilty.

There's no conceivable way faking cop and saying you got a guilty report on a mafia that always shows up as innocent is better than trying to lynch a townie who is likely a high-priority PR (Taylor, Daumis, or Slimer). The moment Ragi was revealed to be the Ninja, everybody knew you were actually Mafia. u.u

Joe fully told me he forgot Ragi shows up as innocent. You'd may as well admit that you forgot too.

Nah, I just over estimated everyone's intersuspicion.

I never planned on faking cop for any longer than 1 day phase, it was impossible as you have said, no matter who I killed.

Also, why on earth would I kill our sniper while he still had an action?
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