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 Topic: Sutikkī Osuushi

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  Posted on February 21, 2014 at 9:18 AM
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Now , the 2nd character of the Sutikkī Clan!

Sutikkī Osuushi

Hp : 130
Speciality : Assassination
Rarity : 210, Must be defeated with 2 characters alive at least.

Description :

The darkhorse of the clan, Osuushi is one of the most resilient members of his clan. He is sort of joked by his enemies each time he is the one tracking them down because of being a heavyweight but make no mistake, even when he is slow one hit can be enough to make serious pain.

Skills :

Slow Style

Energy Required:

Sutikkī Osuushi affects himself with Slow Style. This skill will change the type of his skills to type 2 and when he is at or below 50 hp this skill will turn into Slaying Style and turning his skills into type 3. This skill can only be used once and if it's not used at or below 50 hp, this skill will be disabled and his skills will be type 1.

Class List:

Bull Train

Energy Required:

Deals 20 melee damage to an enemy and disables his item the following turn. At type 2, this skill will deal 35 damage and it cost will be increased to 1 agility and 1 random and no longer disables item. At type 3* this skill will deal 55 damage for 1 Agility and 1 strenght, will have 1 turn cooldown and no longer disables item.

Class List:
none ,1*

Hideout Track

Energy Required:

Attacks one enemy and deals him 15 melee damage that goes through invulnerability. If the enemy is under a invulnerability skill, this skill will deal an additional 10 damage. At type 2, this skill will deal 20 melee damage and an additional 10 damage if the enemy is invulnerable. At type 3 this skill will deal 25 melee damage and an additional 15 if the enemy is invulnerable.This skill's cost is the same at the 3 types.

Class List:


Energy Required:

This skill makes Sutikkī Osuushi invulnerable for 1 turn. At type 3 this skill will cost 1 strenght and also heals osuushi back to 50 hp.

Class List:

Previous character made -> Sutikkī Tora
Latest Character ->Suttikī Osuushi