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  Posted on May 6, 2014 at 11:57 AM
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Golden palace

Once upon a time long long ago a palace made from gold stood on hill. In that palace only rich could live, successful merchants who made their riches through lies, nobles who spend their riches to left and right and nobles who only spend a little in order to survive and still have enough to stay on this hill, and off course king and his family.

All who were not rich enough had to live below the palace, in town where people lived their life and only trouble they would face was taxes to keep their king at his home. Years have passed and people learned to pay taxes and still keep enough for them.

Sadly one year nature was unkindly, the harvest was so bad people below the palace knew they would not live to see next spring. Many thought of leaving and look for better kingdom, maybe one where they could take a nap once a day, but when they tried king did not allow, he send his guards to guard the roads, and from all that tried to leave he took all the food they had, not as punishment, but because king himself would not survive.

Winter has come and as suspected many have died, first it was children who already were weak, than men and women who decided not to pray on weak and dead.

When grass has shown up from now and nature has come back in a form of spring, residents of golden palace have survived, but place once called town below the palace now was simple graveyard, no one have survived, neither weak, nor strong enough to eat its own.

Only nobles and sly merchants were left to pay taxes, king knew that was not enough, they would get rid of him from his own palace and from his title. He could only think of one solution to borrow money, and the only one to have enough money to loan as dragon who lived beyond the dark forest of west inside the glass mountain.

King and his guards went on a journey to see the dragon. As they walked through e dark forest they understood way forest was given this name, no light from sun was seen only torches allowed to see a little bit further.

Once they reached the mountain and started walking towards the cave a voice have said “Only king is allowed”. King dared to walk alone, he saw huge dragon on top of piles of treasure, he explained that he needs money, and luckily for him dragon was fine with it, but off course he needed to pay the price, all his men who walk with him would die in the forest as they would walk back to the palace.

King easily agreed, he did not need men anymore, only their horses to carry the treasures, dragon also said that he have 200 years to pay his loan, if he would not dragon would take firstborn child from the king who would rule at that time. King was so happy, he did was old and not live very long and even better he did not have any children, he could spend all these treasures in his remaining years and not think how to give them back.

As agreed while walking back through the forest it came back alive and ate all of king’s men, but not touched king himself. When king came back to his palace he understood that he now was alone with these treasures, and so did everyone else, on the first night of kings return his head was nowhere to be found and new king from richest family has risen.

Years have passed and the villain who slew his king has died, his place took over by his son. Differently from villain son was kind and smart, he promised land for those who would work it and they could not pay taxes for the next ten years. Town below the palace flourished like never before. For century and a little bit more people knew only peace, but the time to pay what was borrowed has come.

Dragon has come for his treasure, but because king was slew before he could tell the story no one knew where he got this treasure, they refused to give what they earned and fought back, but humans could not defeat dragon and he took daughter of the king.

He brought her back to the glass mountain and put a curse on her, she will not get old as long as she stayed here, but the moment she would leave her time would catch up to her and dragon would be forced to destroy her kingdom, but he assured her would they pay him back she would be free.

Princess soon found out that in glass mountain time flows differently she was not aware was it day or night, did she spend here day or year. All her time she would spend looking at dragon as he slept on his treasures only to be woken up by armies who were send by king to bring her back. Again and again people have tried to slay the beast, but every time it was for nothing, in time people stopped to come at all, and dragon decided to see why. Once he came back he told there was no more palace made of gold, there was no more town below the palace, king used everything trying to save her only to ruin everything his predecessors worked to build.

When princess heard that she quickly ran from the mountain and her time caught up to her leaving princess a pile of dust carried by the wind trying to get home.