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"Another year", the old man says to the man seated next to him, "How many has it been, now? Ahhh... well it has been too long since the last time I stepped into the sunlight. Let me show these fools how it's done", and with that the old man dropped his coat and entered into the battlefield, with a ray of sunlight striking him as he appears on the barren land, a hundred-thousand eyes fall upon him as he arrives.
"Let's dance", he says and raises his sword up to the sky...

Nijyuu Shoutai, the two words that have struck fear into the hearts of many. Two simple words, that have carried themselves gracefully over the past 8 years in the arena franchise. It all started way back in 2006, with a single clan known as "Akatsuki". Over a period of time Akatsuki split, and the clan known as "Nijyuu Shoutai" was created by oreacharound. The phrase "Nijyuu Shoutai is Dominant" has become one of the most well known trademark phrases in clan history. This emphatic and powerful statement has left onlookers stunned. Soon after Nijyuu Shoutai was created the other cornerstone of the clan, Zeloswilder, joined in the same year. Shortly after that, the Naruto-Arena boards were made public, things changed from how they once were. Nijyuu Shoutai soon got a request from AC-R to have the first ever clan war on Naruto Arena. The war was set up just like wars on Naruto-Boards are made today, with Nijyuu-Shoutai pulling the win with a 3-2, seizing the first ever clan war victory on Naruto-Arena.
The year 2006 also brought in many memorable members and legends alike, and was the first step that this great clan took in its reign over the game. Much had occurred in the forthcoming years, most of which are forever imbibed in the clan's heart, but, with each step, Nijyuu Shoutai grew stronger and stronger, dominating each and every foe in its path. We skip ahead a few years, and move into the year of 2011, where NS won the most prestigious tournament in Naruto-Arena, the Naruto-Arena clan league, where ZelosWilder was crowned the MVP of the event. Shortly after, N-S also conquered the Fall Frenzy, and had achieved a status in N-A that very few clans have been able to achieve. Since the beginning of Soul-Arena, Nijyuu Shoutai has been at its best recruiting an array of S-A's best players, including a few who still induce the same fear they used to back in their prime. The achievements in S-A could fill a book, war conquests have been added to the already huge archive, and so were the individual performances in various events. With fresh faces carrying the baton passed from the legends, the clan once again flourished in the year 2013 by entering into the Top 10 ladders, where it is still present to this date.

A plethora of things have happened, a lot more are still to come, but one thing will remain for sure, NIJYUU SHOUTAI WILL FOREVER BE DOMINANT.


The battlefield is bloodied by the remains of the enemies. The Old Man stands tall, with his back turned towards his group of loyal men.
"You needn't have interfered, I had it under control all long", he says with his eyes closed, with blood flowing from one of his hands.
One brave soldier steps forwards and speaks up, "Sire, you have always taught us one thing, and it has always been in our hearts in every battle we have waged, and every war we have won. You have always taught us that WE ARE FAMILY, not just a bunch of soldiers fighting together for a personal goal as such. I consider each and every one present here as my brother, and I will fight against the world to protect them."
The Old Man looks at the soldier, and the soldier immediately bows on his knees. The old man turns around and goes back into his Den, with a ghost of a smile on his face, as he takes a seat on his throne next to another.
"We have taught them well, our legacy is in good hands", says the other, and the Old Man nods his head with a smile on his face. He then tilts his head back and utters three words, three words that have been his dogma in life, three words that have strengthened the bonds between each and every one of his soldiers. And the three magical words were...



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Galore of Signatures and Banners

Galore of Avatars
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This section will provide an insight on the amazing members of the island. From the gutsiest of them all, to the craziest of them all, the island has a plethora of members that have made their impact in one way or another; here's a tribute, a cheers to the legends of the dominance island.
Legends come and legends go, but we will live on forever; Nijyuu Shoutai is dominant!


Forever the father of the greatest clan in existence. Oreacharound not only being one of the original 06' veteran players in Naruto-Arena, has been a strong, committed leader to this clan since its creation. He set the tone for taking some of the best players in both games and making them gods of dominance.
He is one of the most committed people I have ever seen when it comes to his clan family, even challenging the site admins who dared to attack his clan family. He's one of the fiercest, loyal leaders and people I've ever gotten to know and he's a pretty good Naruto-Arena player when he wants to be. He will forever be one of the best leaders that has ever graced our community and the father to the most dominant clan that has ever existed. Nijyuu Shoutai is Dominant ~Ori


Moo. One of the co-founders and leaders of Nijyuu Shoutai. ZelosWilder is easily one of the most dominant forces in either Naruto-Arena or Soul-Arena. His dominance was even recognized to the point where he is one of the admins of the site itself. Not only being one of the strongest players to exist in both arena's, he is always a friendly and funny person. His antics in our own clan chat and outside of it (ask him about his Rubedo trolling some day,) shows he's always having fun with members and players alike. He is one of the most respectable and committed people I know to this clan. His skills and leadership are a true example of the Dominance he has helped found in Nijyuu Shoutai. Moo. ~Ori

Jody (Gaara-Zabuza)

Although never referred to as her former in-game user, Jody is still a always recognizable name amongst most of the arena community. Despite no longer playing the game Jody was an original veteran amongst the NA community. Starting alongside such other veterans such as oreacharound, ZelosWilder, and Originalmizukage, she never went unnoticed or "unfeared". Besides the fact that she is also Oro's wife, Jody is distinctly known as the mom of dominance island and you better believe you treat her as such. Although very friendly towards those who respect her and her clan, she will just as easily tear apart anyone who challenges or disrespects her family. She is one of the most caring, yet fierce person you will ever meet and very much embodies the spirit of Dominance amongst Nijyuu Shoutai. ~Ori



"Dominance in its original form" is a statement one can make when referring to Originalmizukage, as his tenure in Nijyuu Shoutai has been that long. It's also been rumored that he imbued himself with the Cursed Seal of Dominance as a show of his unshakable loyalty. Originalmizukage, Orioctopus, or just Ori as we call him is an all around good guy and definitely one of the funniest around. You're in for quite a few laughs when Ori is in the chat. Combine that with his incredibly brilliant and creative in-game tactics, years worth of dominant clan war victories and experience, it was a no-brainer for him to be chosen as an Alt Leader; solidifying what was already a powerful status within the clan. If you ever get the chance and have time for some funny stories and frustratingly fun PBs, you can also ask him about the one phrase I must start and end his bio with:

Orioroolo! ~ Godd


Ba-Gock! NoFUTURE AKA chicken came on to Dominance Island with a strong force of creativity. Chicken brings a tasteful art of GFX to us even today and overlooks most of the art production. A strong example of true loyalty, he stuck around even in the most inconsistent of Nijyuu Shoutai's GFXer history. Chicken is a well-rounded example of loyalty and talent and someone we can be proud of to have in our family. ~Ori


He'll say he's not a turkey, but this fiery brazilian lies. Matti, being the youngest captain that NS has seen, has ascended to his rightful position by ravaging the masses of NA. Having been the right hand man for managing NS on NA, he knows how to control our legion of turkeys. He has proved himself, time and time again, that he can easily handle the legion of whales that is our enemies. ~Ari


The man needs no introductions, he has been around Soul-Arena since its beginning in 2009 and has stuck it out through all the years. His in-game skills are considered to be the best to have touched the game in its history. The smurf brings in a commanding air of respect wherever he goes, be it a war, a tournament or even upon entering the chatroom. Ever ready to help anyone and ever so humble, his heart is as big as his reputation in-game. In the recent year or so he has taken up leading the S-A front of the clan and this fresh breath of air has rejuvenated us and has made us work that much harder for the glory of Nijyuu Shoutai. Watch out 'cuz Papa Smurf is about to Smurf you over! ~Ichi


RAAAAAAAAAAWWWRRRR. That's right, the most Arillicious member of the family declares his war cry with an air of pomp and flair. Ari is the guy that you can turn to whenever you need someone to talk to. His love for the clan is as much as his love for cookies, but the former takes the edge without a doubt. Ari's in-game conquests on Soul-Arena can be put in a single word: unmatchable. He may be light hearted when needed but when the going gets tough, the clan can always depend on its war general to take charge. I could write a paragraph about this but I'll keep it short and simple. I love you Ariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! ~Ichi


Is he the main or the alt? Part of the 9000 duo, an amazing captain within the ranks of NS, and a recurring dominant force of SA. Having his roots well planted in past clans, he rose up the ranks through an NS recruitment tournament and found his permanent home in our island. Vergil the recurring nightmare of the arenas, for when he opens his in-game, the past and future of NS is laid out upon his foe. ~Ari


Igi is the Beer Inventor of the house and NS's very own War of Ninja player and staff member. He goes into his cellar every evening and brews one fine pot for all the boys at home to enjoy. Igi is the webmanager slash coder of the island and he takes pride in his work. He has been around the arenas for a while and he's usually up-to-date with all the happenings there. He is a really cool person to chat with and helps you out whenever you are in a pinch or just need some beer, or just need someone to yell at for. Oh, by the way ForuNS is down, Igi... ~Ichi


One of the most active players in NS. Be it a ladder, a war, a friendly PB, or any tournament, Ichi is probably there somewhere, ruining every opponents' day by constant winning. Not gonna lie, in my opinion he is 2013's finest recruit for NS. Holding a winning streak of 7 in one single war; claimed the General of Gotei rank multiple times - he is clearly amongst the best players in SA, hands down. The Indian prodigy is well known on SB as well, since he is involved like literally in everything. His personality is pretty much the same as his SA skills: immaculate. Actually I can't think of any flaw if it comes to him. Well, maybe one tho' ... fix your xat, bro! ;D ~agi


Edvy is a hardcore CM Punk fan and one of Dominance island's finest members. He is passionate in whatever he does and takes loses and victories in his stride. Always open to talk to and confide in, Edvy has bought a bright spark with him to the island that has ignited the youth in most of us once more. ~Ichi


One of the newest recruits of the island, Hater is one of those names that is well known throughout S-A. Hater is a laid back and chill person. Currently in Soul-Arena there are few that can equal his skill and gameplay. Roughly put, he is the best player right now in the game, and "the" guy to beat. Apart from his amazing in-game skills, he also tends to randomly get bursts of inspiration and takes up new activities to keep his twiddling thumbs busy. "Come mortal, witness your demise." ~Ichi


Hime-chan is the private princess of Nijyuu Shoutai. Her caring personality hidden into the well-known Hungarian temperament makes her a great conversation partner. However, be careful not to be mesmerized by her beautiful ever-changing avatars and personality, because you'll soon find yourself being crushed by her drain teams. Even if you manage to survive the continuous defeats, you'd have to fight a Russian for the key of Hime's heart. ~meta


The Pirate king Mikey made his entrance onto the island and with him he bought a mixture of pure in-game talent and a cheerful personality as well. Regarded widely as one of the best players to have ever played this game, Mike definitely is the icing on the cake and a real sweet one at that. He is one of the friendliest guys that you will find on this site, always ready to help you out whenever you ask him for it. Nowadays he is busy in college but still manages to put in time for the clan from his busy schedule. We all await the day that the Pirate King returns and takes the game by storm once more! ~Ichi


Another recent catch, Meta has brought a youthful reinvigoration to the clan with his joyous ways and a knack of "Regulating" things. He is a passionate person in whatever he does, and that may be eating leaves on a bright sunny day or just annihilating someone straight up in-game. This Hungarian is a very interesting guy to be around with, always doing his very best to help you out however he can. Watch out for his metallic stegosaurus though, that's one thing you don't wanna encounter at night. ~Ichi


When you're walking down the street and feel like you're being watched? Well you are , because Jamuga the silent killer that NS loves to offer is lurking around the corner. No one will hear him come, no one will see him arrive, everyone will assume he's an alt , but once Jamuga takes center stage for action he proves more than well you don't need to shout Veni, Vedi, Vici to conquer the arenas. ~Ari


Our very own person peru, that we plucked specially out of a rare tree in the amazon, Raf has bought in a mixture of whale tactics and AFKness to the clan that has never ever been seen before. Needless to mention his GFX is eye-gasmic and makes your eyes want more to feast on. He is pretty chill on chat and always lends a helping hand whenever needed. He is a huge otaku fan and is totally into Lolis for some reason . Oh did I mention he is the laziest peru on the island? ~Ichi


Sif, Rag or however you know him, you'll recognize his amazing GFX talent. NS being known for the dominant textures, signatures and avatars that we proudly show off, it'd all be in vain without amazing GFXers like Rag. Being the silent force of NS, he quietly walks in the shadows, prepared to make whatever image, which will guarantee turn all of your eyes into that instant orgasmic feel. Rag will forever be regarded as a master of GFX within all the arenas. ~Ari


Our Brazilian pretty boy, whether he has long hair, short hair or even ugly hair (which he takes a lot of pride in), Andre will steal your girl, #?%$ your mom and still pull a +30 on NA. Being a shy member of our SA division he more than makes up for it in NA. The pivotal reason for which he is only allowed on NA is not because he feels no love for SA but 'tis because NS would be too unfair if we ever added him to SA. Being a well regarded member of the NA community, Zoe has more than proven his worth and is the lasting legacy of the future dominance of NS in NA. ~Ari
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The Korean thunder and the greatest member a clan could ask for, Gar is the definition of dominance. Being a prominent GFXer and a thrashing force in the ladders- KaeRi, Garbucks, Garfield these are the names that constantly go onto the members profiles as loses to him. Clans love him, members want to be like him, and his opponent can't wait till they lose against him. Gar being the only one in the arena world to take a break and reclaim his throne as #1 is more than proudly the definition of dominance in all aspects. ~Ari


The sarcastically playful member of the group, with a close association to Penguins. Do not let the humor deceive you from seeing the competitive beast lying in wait. With a member such as Pen on the roster, it becomes clear how Nijyuu Shoutai has maintained its trademark "Dominance" with his exceptional play. Having a member with a competitive streak like his keeps everyone's skills sharp as well, constantly pitting his abilities against other members of the clan. Respected and loyal, Pen has quickly become one of NS's most valued and recognizable members. ~Godd


Is he the alt or the main? Sparda being a member of NS does not need to prove his skills to any other member of SB, for when they battled him once they already felt his cyber-beast's wrath. Sparda, spanning his footprints across the battlefield, is the backbone of NS, putting in his work and being the unexpected surprise for the opponent who doesn't know what to do with this cyber beast. You can also find him "AFKing" all the time on xat. ~Ari


One of the veteran players of Nijyuu Shoutai. Joining the clan in 08, he has been a powerful player and even more powerful person. If you've seen his real life appearance then you know to show your respect. Besides this however, Goddimus is always a fun person to have around the chat box. I cannot even count the amount of times he's spent there cracking the clan up with Naruto and Bleach discussion. His personality is only second to his in-game skills, which led to many of our very long list of tournament victories. He has always been a strong pillar in Nijyuu Shoutai who has both earned the respect and friendship of those who have gotten the chance to be around him. He is a natural born member of Dominance Island and he shows it. Godd is OG and don't you forget it. ~Ori


This is a man who hardly needs an introduction. He's an in-game genius and pretty much the most creative NA player I know. Playing against him you always know you've just crossed the path of someone really special. He's also helped NS win some of the major clan events. His team-creating genius is something you can't see anywhere else on NB, which combined with his mature personality makes him a great part of Nijyuu Shoutai. ~Sharingan_skill


Everybody knows his dominant skills when it comes to GFX, only a few know how to properly spell his nickname. This Japan traveling, festivals rocking, drums playing guy from the heart of Europe is actually one of the best people you can find on boards. To know him since 2008 (and pretty much from the beginning of his GFXing) has been a privilege because I was lucky enough to see him becoming step by step the best GFXer on boards as you know him today. So now you know something about the guy who does these amazing GFX works you can see here and you also know how to spell his nickname at last... You should remember both. ~Sharingan_skill


Being one of NS's oldest and finest members, he is a well regarded model for what future members of our prominent Island aspire to be. Proving his dominance in NA wars in the past and present, he is the reason we try to be what we are: to attain the glory he has gained, not only for himself but for the clan as a whole. Having no fear in his actions Ss takes his patch of dominance, his war torn attitude and proves why NS's oldest are our finest. ~Ari


Jim is the epitome of a soldier. The hot headed fireball of our clan! His youthful exuberance, pride, loyalty and in-game skills quickly made him a standout member within the ranks. He is the pitbull ready to strike anything which threatens the prosperity of the clan, which he will forever want to remain Eternally Dominant! The elder members while valuing his unyielding loyalty also had the incredible task of focusing what can become an unstoppable force once rolling. Dangerous in-game skills combined with his fiery love for his clan makes Jim09 not only a force but well respected member within the ranks of Nijyuu Shoutai. Any clan can only wish to have such a member. ~Godd


Another piece of new blood to join the ranks of NS, Nanzinho can more than enough solo any opposing clan. Sticking through all of our tests, he pushed through, and has shown his loyalty time and time again. Even after past incidents, Nanzinho has proven he is the next incarnation of our dominance. ~Ari


Sos Brazil? Because this @$%*?#*!@$ is, Joao is a retired NS War Commander and one of the most rampaging forces that SA/NA has ever witnessed. The ravaging behemoth, the unstoppable force destroying the unmovable object, Joao proves why people think BRs are ruining the game. ~Ari


A very close friend of mine, Jago was the General of Gotei 13 on SA as well as the Hokage on NA simultaneously. In the golden era of NS his was the longest reign in SA history, and that will probably remain in the books for eternity. Hotheaded and always on fire, but one of the best players of all times, that's for sure. Nowadays he is in college and has taken leave from this game, but his fiery spirit is forever imbibed in the S-A front and he will forever be remembered as "THE General". ~agi


A warrior, leader and perhaps one of the best AMV makers, 123olonade has been an incredible force since joining the Island of Dominance: Nijyuu Shoutai. I doubt enough can be said when referring to Otter or Olo as we called him. His contributions were endless, rising through the ranks to the prestigious position of Alt Leader in what seemed like no time at all. Naturally gifted in all arenas, his prowess and body of work speaks for itself. A leader and spokesperson, you could say, with his incredible video works and wide range of victories. Olo is rare talent within the arenas, complemented well by his humble attitude and personality. Olo is a valued member of the Island of Dominance. ~Godd


An old soul of NS's, Filipe had washed through NA in his prime. Him, along with the past members, have easily established NS's dominance in the past. Being an inspiration to our newer members, Filipe is a rampaging whirlwind that will forever be feared within the halls of NA. ~Ari


Sneaky Babybalong is another age-old player in Nijyuu Shoutai. Since he has came on to our roster, both in NA and SA has he shown his strength and dominance. On either arena he has been a force to be reckoned with, despite his stoic demeanor. He is a silent killer and yet still one of the most polite players you will come across. Don't let your guard down against him though or he will show you the strength of a barbaric Brazilian. ~Ori


Shoes is a hidden classic amongst Nijyuu Shoutai. Formerly a very strong NA player, he has contributed to many wins in former tournaments. He was a strong player and even funnier person to interact with. He's best known for his wacky band antics (doing Micheal Jackson punk-cover band) for quite a while. He definitely holds a special place amongst veteran players who got a chance to fight beside him in tournaments. Keep jammin' Shoes. ~Ori


Animation Domination! One of the most prolific GFXers and perhaps the best signature GFXer to grace this site. His masterpieces can still be found on the boards, but this is only one facet of 19 or Al as we call him. A veteran known for strong in-game prowess and fun board antics, Alaskan is a well known member of not only NS but NA. Let us not forget to mention the the cool guy he was with all fun xat nights along with the other members of the Near-Shitfaced crew which usually included himself, Godd and Oro. 19's legacy has been cemented forever within NA itself and the clan as seen by his Legends status within it. ~Godd


A newer recruit into our islands, DecroW, doesn't need an explanation as to why he was allowed admission, as his stats speak for him. Proving himself in our rigorous tryouts, DecroW is one of the future elements of NS. He will no doubt carry on the legacy, and will forever keep proving why NS only accepts the best like him. ~Ari


A veteran of the island, Mafia is no stranger when it comes to taking down anyone he doesn't see fit. Being a strong willed warrior within the ranks, he has shown why he sticks with NS all this time. No other clan can handle him or appreciate him like us, and with that reason, Mafia is the eclipse, with his awe defining momentum before and forever. ~Ari


Did you ever think about what you'd do if you had to face a Shichibukai? Well, you no longer have to think, because there is this one guy who can tell you the answer. Zoli has been posing the avatar of Boa Hancock for years now on S-B, and trust me, he deserves to be a Shichibukai of the place. Start praying when he shows up seeking for a battle, because soon you'll find yourself lying on the ground weeping uncontrollably as he destroys your most cherished teams and your ego as well. Or maybe your entire clan. ~meta
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Nijyuu Shoutai has the tradition of recruiting their members through tryout tournaments - in other words, tournaments hosted by the NS leaders where applicants battle among themselves and/or NS members.

Nijyuu Shoutai was also the first clan in N-A/S-A to recruit through this method and is also one of the few to keep this tradition alive.

Sadly, we don't host those tourneys too often anymore, but only a few times, if not once, during the year. It's still the best chance you'll get to join the clan though, so be sure not to miss it!

If you're not lucky to be around during a tryout tournament, don't worry! We also host individual tryouts for those that are worthy, but of course we are way more strict on those.

How to get an individual tryout
First decide if you would like to apply as an in-gamer or GFXer. The requirements are listed below. Also note that you would have to join NS on all three sites: N-A, S-A and WoN.

Requisites for in-gamers
N-A/S-A: Your highest level and highest streak must add up 71 or more!
WoN: None as of right now.
For example:
41 highest level + 30 highest streak = 71
39 highest level + 32 highest streak = 71
36 highest level + 35 highest streak = 71

Requisites for GFXers
As a GFXer, you must be able to create small and large-sized pieces. Applicants who only make avatars and icons will automatically be denied.

Step 1
Go to Nijyuu Shoutai's private forums and register an account.

Step 2
After creating an account and logging in, click on the "Apply for NS" button: , located on the top of the forums and fill out the application.

Step 3
After you fill out the application, a topic will be made in a private section only available for NS members. That's where we'll run a background check on various aspects, discuss and vote. This usually takes up to 1 week. If you get approved, you'll receive a private message on the NS forums. You may also come to our Xat and ask the leaders personally. It is also recommended you hang out on our Xat, so that we could get to know you better and see how much you show interest in joining.

Step 4
For in-gamers: If your tryout got approved, the NS leaders will choose a few different NS members whom you'll privately battle, under possibly different rules.
For gfxers: If your tryout got approved, the NS leaders will ask you to make 3-5 different GFX works.

Step 5
After that, you just wait! We'll check your results and judge if you're worthy to join the clan or not. This process may also take a few days, depending on our availability. Feel free to ask the leaders or even NS members on the NS Xat if a decision has been reached, but try not to be impatient or nagging.
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Nijyuu Shoutai's Dominance Colosseum is Back and better than ever. We welcome everyone to participate.This tournament will be a classic 8 man format.

~All S-B rules apply
~ All rounds are Sudden Death except the Finals which are 2/3
~If you disconnect, your opponent wins, unless you both agree on a rematch.
~15 minute registration period.

>Full Drain, Stun, AoE, Counter , Reflect are banned.
>You cannot repeat a team in the final.
>You cannot copy a team.
>Banned characters and Combos:
Bankai Gin
Pre-Ascension Aizen
Res. Yammy
Ayon + Momo + Ryuuken
Sado + Ganju + Jinta
Hooler + Ganju
Omaeda + Kon + Tessai
Ichigo + Rukia + Ururu


Will be random

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #1 ~ Ichigo404 (Nijyuu-Shoutai)

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #2 ~ Riku (Rokushiki)

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #3 ~ Hater (Nijyuu-Shoutai)

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #4 ~ Uraharas_bankai (Akatsuki)

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #5 ~ Cokesrule (Pandemonium)

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #6 ~ Kevinkong000 (Pandemonium)

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #7 ~ Jase (Rlyeh)

Nijyuu-Shoutai Dominance Colosseum Winner #8 ~ Hater (Nijyuu-Shoutai)
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Links you may want clicking


2011 Thread
SATT 2014

2011 Thread
NATT 2014


Burning Cities
N-S Requiem For a Dream

And last but not the least , the members of Nijyuu Shoutai would like to extend a warm handshake of thanks to our very own APz , without whom none of this amazing thread would have come together , the way it did. It is not an overstatement to say that he is a gifted and extremely talented person , and we on the island are proud to be a part of his presence.
Thank you once again APz , Cheers buddy.

Also very important point to be noted :


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Hikaru, Professor

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NS is dominant.
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flamedragon, Captain

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dominance on won bitches.
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mankeyka, The Untouchable Dreamer of the Military

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NS is Dominant ~Hime
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Jin, Swordsman

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And so the time has come.
v-Blood & Tears-v
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Roach, The Masked Samurai of the Red Dawn

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Hikaru is like the only good in-gamer.
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Roach wrote:

Hikaru is like the only good in-gamer.


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-----------GERMS ALL OVER THE PLACE---------
Oh Look at that, looks like there's SO MANY MOD GERMS
Okay, who the flower's the smartass

Now THAT's just being a precious flower.

I am going to slam a lovely rainbow flower into your beautiful face you flower
  Posted on May 15, 2014 at 2:42 PM
flamedragon, Captain

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Roach wrote:

Hikaru is like the only good in-gamer.

lol 10/10 for the joke.
  Posted on May 16, 2014 at 12:35 PM
Shooter94, The Respected Veteran

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Roach wrote:

Hikaru is like the only good in-gamer.

Roachy is probably right there, guys I have to say it once again, the dominance has to be proven.

/ well, I'd have to check out my NA, SA and WoN superb accs in order to remind myself how to beat such guys.

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