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  Posted on September 3, 2014 at 9:46 PM
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What do I mean with [remastered]? Well, if you remember me, (hopefully you do) I am one of the WoN poets, but long ago, my english was pretty...looking for right the remastered version of my poems means I have corrected the mistakes I made in them and for those that got some adjustments, I added what was new, and removed what was old. "Baptism in the Moon's blood" is the last poem I wrote long ago, well, not the last actually, but the last finished one, as I still never finished (yet) one of them, and I thinking to write a new one. But until them, I leave you with some of my old poems. Enjoy.

P.S. <most of my poems are long, so don't expect something short to come out>

Baptism in the Moon's blood

“I'm afraid, I'm so afraid
All around,, only dead gardens,
Dead gardens filled with roses,
Black roses wherever you look…

Merciful Goddess…
The omens are very bad
The cold and pale Moon
Turns read as she's bleeding…”

Danger draws near
As we march slowly, to the end.
We, both fallen, outcasts
The hour of our vengeance is near!

The gates of heave are shut
It holds no place for us!
A pagan god, story-teller
And a cursed wolf, fallen angel.

Now rise little angel!
Take the wicked sword,
Nightheaven, the two bladed.
For years it gave you only pain

Now turn it around
Turn it against them all!
Show them the divine beast
They turned you in!

“I'm afraid, I'm so afraid
The moon is teared apart…
Her blood falls on our world.
Nothing can justify this cruelty…

She cries with tears of blood,
Yet her blood can't turn red
All these black roses…
Goddess, why do you suffer for our sins?”

My little angel, saint and demon…
Unlock the dark destroyer
That's buried deep down,
Deep within your soul!

“All these porcelain faces…
Wish they would all fall.
In this desolate world
Unrequited love is the poet's love…”

A sweet, kind loving heart
Once apart it can touch
Nor me, nor you, nor her
Young heart made for love not heartache.

Swan-song for the wish of night,
Wish without a prayer.
Your darkened light will shine
On the dark wings you shall rise!

Now that you can found your way,
Your place in this madness
Your powers have grown!
Your chains have been broken!

“Goddess, why is you blood
Our only salvation?
There has to be another way
Goddess, forgive me my sins…”

Forget about them all…
They already forgot you.
Your soul is not yet forsaken
You suffered long enough.

“Nightheaven, sword of death
Forged with passion for blood
You promised power, limitless
Yet, you gave me only pain…

Now I have need of you
I need your powers one more time.
Your soul is mine by right,
Your price has been long paid!”

Rise little angel, rise!
I'm tired of seeing you down,
Of seeing you fall
Each time you try to get up.

“These wounds don't seem to heal
This pain is just to real…
One day I'll love these scars
Fresh from the blade of your words”

Unnamed and unbearable pain,
Don't you wish to see it's end?
For years you knew only three,
Pain, loneliness and despair.

Ah, this feel of suffer…
It fueled your hatred.
Yet, you fought this hatred
Chained it deep within your soul

Your dark side, unleash it!
Not to kill but to save.
It's part of you, accept it
So you can find what you seek

Pure little angel,
Nothing is permanent
Nor death, nor loneliness, nor suffer.
Your time will soon come

“The moon's blood falls.
Falls on our world
Baptizing us with it's magic
Goddess, you will live trough us”

Goddess, in your sanctuary
Far away from this heavenly-hell
Our masterpiece will finally be sang!
And my angel's name finally known!

“All around, black roses
Messengers of death and sorrow…
In this desolate and porcelain world
My name will echo trough the night!”

-“And another black rose is born”-

If you read all that, you are a good reader. I would like some feedback, if you wanna say something, and fell free to ask anything you didn't understood just want ask about that one thing...