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This is my first clan that I am doing... It'd be cool if people liked this or would want it to be in the actual game. (I'm not particularly trying to do that, nor would I be bothered if people didn't like this.) In any case, here are my characters, they're a little different from what you may expect.

Clan: Chaos
Description: This is a long lost clan that once controlled the deepest crevices of the magical universe. Due to the King succumbing to his own insanity due to the ‘Chaos Crown’ that was passed on by Magicka Gods, the King destroyed the once sacred throne of the Chaos Reign. Now that the King is out into a rampage somewhere, there is little to be said or done for the other family members trying to survive, and uncover more about their corrupted family past… And correct the trials.

Clan Item: (Upon Finishing Storyline)
Chaos Crown
This crown is automatically active at the beginning of the game until the character dies, the character wearing will be dealt 5 poison affliction damage infinitely. They will gain a destructible defense of 25 and their attacks will deal 10 more damage. If the character using this is within the Chaos Clan, their attacks will deal 20 more damage, and they gain a destructible defense of 30… But will be dealt 10 poison affliction damage per turn permanently.

Name: Junior Chaos
Life: 45
Type: Collaborative
Age: 12 (In Human Years)
Personality: Eccentric, Formal, Frivolous, Philosophical
Appearance: Short Refined Blonde Hair, Pale Skin, Middle-Aged Royalty Green Coat and Outfit, Neon Green Eyes
Description: Being the prince of the lost and forgotten Chaos Clan that once ruled the balance of the universe, Junior is a child merely trying to survive and understand his past. Taking refuge in a pleasant forest of magical entities, Junior has taken on the ability to manipulate wildlife to restore it, or destroy it, aiding his allies, or corroding his enemies… Much to Junior’s harm, for the lack of his magic usage is highly unstable courtesy of being born as the bastard child of the tyrannical king, and his deceased mistress.

Chaos Rose
Level 1
Throwing his projectile Chaos Roses out towards his enemy, he deals 5 damage to all enemies. ‘Rose Bouquet Dance’ and ‘Chaos Affliction’ will have their effects altered. This effect lasts until Junior dies, and ascends to its skill level 2 phase.
Level 2
If this is used a second time, it will deal 10 damage to all enemies and revert ‘Rose Bouquet Dance’ and ‘Chaos Affliction’ back to their primary states. This skill will then revert back to its previous level. This can be used again to return back to this state.
Cost: 1 random
CD: 1
Class: Ranged, Aura

Rose Bouquet Dance
Level 1
Dancing while making his chaos petals burst, Junior deals 10 poison affliction damage to all enemies, while he and his allies are healed for 10 life per turn for 2 turns. This can be interrupted if Junior is stunned.
Level 2
When ‘Chaos Rose’ is active, this skill will deal 20 poison affliction damage to all enemies over 2 turns, while Junior is dealt 5 affliction damage per turn during this time.
Cost: 1 agility + intelligence
CD: 3
Class: Ranged, Poison, Channeling

Chaos Affliction
Level 1
Using his own life force to burn his enemies, Junior deals 25 damage to all enemies, while he takes 15 damage, he cannot die by using or having the ability to use this level of skill.
Level 2
During ‘Chaos Rose,’ Junior will deal 45 damage to a random enemy, and a random ally will be healed for 45 life that ignores all other skills; consequently, Junior will die the following turn unless ‘Chaos Rose’ is used once again, or there is no other ally alive to be healed, and Junior’s life will be spared.
Cost: 1 intelligence + wisdom + random
CD: 3
Class: Ranged, Poison, Channeling

Petal Teleport
Junior is wrapped around with his own petals, he then becomes a bouquet of petals that flies away from the battlefield, Junior is invulnerable for 1 turn.
Cost: 1 random
CD: 4
Class: Tactic, Instant

Name: Sylvia Chaos
Life: 70
Type: Disruption/Guardian
Age: 17 (In Human Years)
Personality: Responsible, Independent, Calculating, Resourceful
Appearance: Long Dark Violet Ponytail with side bangs, Tanned Skin, completely black leather outfit, Black Eyes
Description: The heiress to the Chaos Reign and Junior’s long lost older sister; Sylvia is a master at channeling and disrupting the balances of life through her chaos magic. Having trained herself in physical combat as well, Sylvia is a well-rounded mercenary bestowing her destiny as restoring the throne and finding her little brother.

Chaotic Rift
Harnessing her ability to capture energy, Sylvia sucks the energy away from her enemies, all enemies are stunned for 1 turn and dealt 5 damage.
Cost: 1 intelligence
CD: 2
Class: Ranged, Ki, Aura

Counter Kick
Backing an enemy into a wall, if the enemy uses a skill they will be countered and stunned for 1 turn. ‘Deadly Silhouette’ can now be used on this enemy.
Cost: 1 agility
CD: 2
Class: Melee, Ki, Instant

Deadly Silhouette
This skill can be used on the enemy effected by ‘Counter Kick.’ Sylvia will break the neck of the enemy using a combination of chaos magic and physical arts that bypassed invulnerability. That enemy will be stunned for the next 2 turns and will be dealt 35 damage.
Cost: 1 agility + strength
CD: 3
Class: Melee, Ki, Instant

Dimensional Portal
Fleeing from the battlefield, Sylvia jumps back into a chaos portal she had created. Sylvia gains invulnerability for 1 turn.
Cost: 1 random
CD: 4
Class: Tactic, Instant

Name: Lordavius Chaos
Life: 155
Type: Assassination/Demon Lord
Age: 40 (In Human Years)
Personality: Dark, Menacing, Corrupted, Sadistic
Appearance: Short Black Stained Hair(Naturally Purple), Black Eyes, pure white complexion, burly body type, dark cape, highly royal armor
Description: After disposing of his wife when Junior had been born, Lordavius reached the peak of his insanity due to the madness the Chaos Crown imbued deep within side him. Separating himself from his offspring, he vows to one day regain his throne as clan once again, to eradicated his children, and to one day rule the world in his dark chaos spells.

Summoning Lady Athena
Level 1
Summoning his mistress and Queen from the dead to fight alongside him, all of his skills are altered and changed completely. This skill can only be used once, and ends when either Lordavius dies, or ‘Sacrificial Angel of Chaos’ is used.
Cost: 1 intelligence + wisdom
CD: Infinite
Class: Tactic, Aura

Chaos Tendrils
Level 1
Lordavius attacks an enemy with tendrils dealing 30 damage to his target and reducing the damage they deal by 15 for the next 2 turns. This skill can be interrupted.
Level 2
Athena’s Hair
This skill replaces ‘Chaos Tendrils’ when ‘Summoning Lady Athena’ is active. Controlling Athena to use her magical refined blonde hair, Lordavius deals 10 damage to all enemies, and stunning them for 2 turns. This skill can be interrupted.
Cost: 1 wisdom + random
CD: 3
Class: Ranged, Channeling

Meteor Punch
Level 1
Using his massive strength combined with chaos magic, Lordavius punches an enemy dealing 25 to the target and 15 to all other enemies.
Level 2
Athena’s Sword
This skill replaces ‘Meteor Punch’ when ‘Summoning Lady Athena’ is active. Athena ejects a sword from her mouth and charges at her enemy with it, dealing 40 damage to that enemy that ignores invulnerability.
Cost:1 strength + random
CD: 2
Class: Melee, Instant

Chaos Wall
Level 1
Creating a wall to protect himself, Lordavius becomes invulnerable for 1 turn.
Level 2
Sacrificial Angel of Chaos
Lordavius cruelly uses Athena’s body as a shield, Lordavius gains 45 destructible defense that is of Athena’s life. When the defense is broken, ‘Summoning Lady Athena’ will end, and Lordavius will gain invulnerability the following turn.
Cost:1 Random
CD: 4
Class: Tactic, Instant
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Good ideas,Do you name chaos clan from chaos type skills or that is just name of clan?....this reminds me from World of Warcraft
  Posted on December 13, 2015 at 6:37 AM
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2 turns Stun is kinda way too OP for 1 Wisdom+Random