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  Posted on January 7, 2015 at 10:26 AM
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this is a screen shot of my last dota match. I am Anubis, with the Templar Assassin (first one). Now, what I want to know from you, do you think it was a fair game?

MMR on the right, is the match making rating, which in short, sais how good you are. I made the mistake to go ranked at lvl 13, when I was a noob, so I got low MMR (reason my I play with idiots atm).
-TBD means the guy is not calibrated yet, so has no MMR yet.
-The Calibration, takes in consideration all the KDA (kill-deaths-assists)from all your games before the 10 calibration games but prioritises the 10 games.
-Noone can get lower MMR than 500 after calibrating.

I confess, I made mistakes, everyone does, but I dropped from 1.2k to the meaningless 600 because each single game is like this. I get 2-3 even 4 people that have bellow half the MMR of the "whorts" MMR in the enemy team. This is the first game this week when my MMR is not the hieghest in my team.

So, oppinions, fair game?

P.S. if you lose games, you lose MMR, if you win, you win MMR. The most MMR you can lose is 40 if the game has a duration longer than 60 minutes. Also, the most you can win, is 40. If I win 25 MMR in a game, the losing team lose 25 MMR, and so on. So just from the KDA and MMR, did I got a fair game?

Edit: most dota forums that have the smart people are dead, like ours, so the rest of the dota forums are with the players that think they are good, but on the other hand they can't tell you what to do, all they can tell you is "practice" but not "what" or "how", and since it matters "what" and "how" you "practice" I get no help there, but from you, I ask just an oppinion.
  Posted on January 25, 2015 at 7:20 AM
kiira-kun, Prisoner

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I can suggest you reading alot up about Dota2.
Trust me, I play it for 2 years, and I am still learning.

Practice wont do you any good though if you play alone all the time. You can be the player with best knowledge in the team, and rest will sink you to another loss.
Team up with some people, there are tons of groups on Steam for new players, you can always make a thread at Community forum.

Imo you should focus on:
-Laning phase and why is each lane important for
-What role in the game fits you you best (Support/Cary/Tank or deeper Nuker/Initiator/Disabler/Pusher etc)
-Heores to avoid when you are new
-Denying/Last hitting
-Skill builds and Item builds for each hero
-Which hero COUNTERS which
-Importance of runes
-STR/INT/AGI growth on each hero
-Importance of supports
-And MANY more. While searching for many of these things you will encounter alot of things I didnt cover.

And always always for the love of god people, read the patch notes. If you dont understand them, then that means you should do alot more studying.

Good luck. c:

Oh god Im so late with this post but I regret nothing.
Because of you I'm gonna AFK in the base

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