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  Posted on February 6, 2015 at 4:35 PM
RagicanoX, The Black Inferno

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Hey guys, I know Mafia Games was a big part of the forums at one point, so I wanted to share this great site for quick yet fun Mafia Games.

As opposed to the long weekly Mafia Games we used to play here, each match on Town of Salem is about 5-15 minutes, and everyone can remain anonymous in-game. Before each individual game starts, you can change your username to anything, so no one knows who you are. You can join and invite people to parties, (so you can play with your friends), and you can play classic mafia or a custom game. The fact that you can change your name while still being able to play with your friends removes the general bias that a good or dangerous player may have around them, (like Taylor or Karab for example, they always get targeted for their intelligence and strategies on WoN Mafia Games lol).

It's a fun, simple browser game that has all of our favorite roles in it, (Investigator, Jailor, Roleblocker, Framer, etc etc.), and it gives each player time to discuss who to vote on, defending yourself before a decided lynch, final words, and discuss who to take out at night. You can leave a last will, so if you're the cop, you can leave a list of people you've investigated and their roles if found. You can leave a death note, so if you're mafia, you can leave a note saying something funny or give out instructions and bluffs for the mafia's next attack.

So if you've enjoyed Mafia Games here at WoN, check that out! Maybe if we get enough people who want to play, we can organize a Mafia Game here and meet up at Town of Salem. In either case, have fun and thanks for reading!