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 Topic: Aoiro Sorai (with pictures!)

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  Posted on March 7, 2015 at 7:47 PM
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Shikate, The Untouchable Shadow of the Ancients

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I have been fascinated by the Aoiro clan since the start. I'm finally able to demonstrate my ideas not only by posting a short text, but also by drawing something.
I've decided to make it by myself and... here I am! :) I hope that you will all enjoy and write anything so I won't feel like I'm wasting my time

Those two pictures are made in Paint :)

Aoiro Sorai
Aoiro Sorai is at the age of 13. He lives in the shadow of his honoured brother Tadashi, who has mastered Aoiro clan techniques. Although Sorai is respected by young people at his age, he wants to surpass Tadashi. Sorai is bored of living an uneventful life and trains hard to capture people's attention. Tadashi's brother wields a brown bow and shoots in a bit different way using a vial of Hebi's clan poison. He has achieved the potential for using his eyes in a quite good way, which allows him to slow down enemies for a short period of time.

Health points: 85
Speciality: Assasination
(PVP version)

Poisonous Shoot

Energy Required:

Sorai deals 15 physical damage to the target and affects him with Poisonous Shoot for 2 turns, dealing 10 poison affliction damage in the first turn and 5 poison affliction damage in the second.

Class List:
ranged, instant


Energy Required:

Sorai affects all enemies with Besetment for 2 turns. Physical damage dealt to everyone affected by Besetment is increased by 5 and the energy cost of tactic skills is increased by 1 random energy. During this time, Sorai can't use Debilitation

Class List:
tactic, channeling
3 turns


Energy Required:

Sorai counters the first melee or ranged skill. When countered, Poisonous Shoot cost is set to 1 random for one turn. This skill is invisible.

Class List:
tactic, instant
2 turns

Sorai Evasion

Energy Required:

Makes Sorai invulnerable for one turn.

Class List:
tactic, instant

Thank you for your attention.
  Posted on March 7, 2015 at 8:41 PM
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edwinas5524, The Untouchable Swordsman of the Nobles

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wow its awesome, but don't believe its a paint also put that character instead of tadashi it looks better
  Posted on March 9, 2015 at 10:18 AM
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Karab, The Fierce Tiger

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Not bad

Certainly much better than your previous characters, and the pictures are really good.

I'd bump his health to 90 though.

Otherwise he seems rather solid
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