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  Posted on May 2, 2015 at 10:22 PM
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Ellow everyone. How are you all this evening? (Or morning, depending on case)

I would like to ask you all to take a moment of your time to give a read to my poem, entitled "Dark Passion Play". The meaning of the title is hidden within the lines, but what I want to ask of you, is to read it whole. I know that some of you might stop reading it after a few lines, but I want to assure you that it is worth the time.

As a last note, I want to give you this piece of information to help you understand the text better. The free lines are lines spoken by Anubis, lines with " " are Nemo's verses while the final lines, with - - are spoken by both, together, in unison. Have fun and enjoy the show.

Dark Passion Play

As we approach our final hour,
What better way to end a story
Than with a play of the darkest of passions?
But before the play, a prayer

''Maiden of quicksilver delight,
If at times my faith is weak,
In You, my Goddess, please let me seek.
My guardian in the final night

No word, written or spoken, knows my heart's content
Stray I too long from Your path of moonlight...
Yet You believed in me and on me You kept sight
From above, caring and silent


As sand within a hourglass,
We slowly walk to our end.
In You, dear Goddess, we seek lost dreams
Be our guide for one more night.


''As the new Moon walks on the midnight sky
We begin our play of darkness.''
And what a show we have for you tonight
''One you'll remember until the last ride of the day''

Our tale began long ago with a baptism,
A baptism in the Moon's blood.
As it all began, so shall it all end
And together with Her once again we will be!

Within a garden long since dead,
In a time before our Goddess knew existence,
There was a spark that started life
"Spark of creation, spark of rebirth, spark of wisdom''

Goddess created before our Goddess,
Betrayed by those whom You created
We thank Thy for the wisdom You gave us
And will always keep Your name sacred.

-Holy Maiden in the sky
Please hear our cry.
Transform Thyself from orb of light
And grant us wisdom tonight.

Envelop the world in Your glow,
Goddess, kind as pure white snow.
Unlock our wisdom from deep within
So together we may win!

Appear to us in this shadow game,
As we call upon Your divine name
Goddess Sophia, beacon of knowledge
In this dark sea of ignorance-

In what is yet to come, we ask the muses for aid.
As we move in the final hours, we alone cannot do
Thus we ask the nine skilled ladies
To help up describe six nobles.

As we move forward and the night grows deep,
''Gifts become curses and dreams lose hope...''
Nighttime is our playground this time around
So enjoy the show, as it's not soon to end.

''Strange sounds shake the night,
Aloud and disturbing, can you hear them?''
Bells which will never toll for us, sing their song
A song of passion, as their name suggests, Wedding Bells!

The final hours are upon us!
Muses, grant us your knowledge,
And we shall repay in kind, when the time will come.
And so, we start our final countdown...

The first hour is the last sunset,
The image of an Angel echoes
A friendship long since lost
Feelings never meant to be...

''The clock strikes two, as we descend into darkness.
A Queen is revealed for us to adore
One named after a saint...
Now we leave this memory fade

You said the sun will rise for us as well,
But where we are going, it's light cannot enter
Yet still, we need it not, nor want it.
The Goddess lights our path as your god lights yours...''

Three times the clock cries loud,
Knowing what we did not
A second Queen we meet, a sister
One who's name is hidden in the Black Sky

A girl alike a phoenix, noble by deed
Great was our joy, yet so was the pain that followed
Feelings cast upon the wind...
As the phoenix renews itself, so did she, forever gone.

''The fourth strike reveals the final Queen
One named alike the Goddess,
Yet she hears no god or goddess
But is a pure and kind soul.

The world mistreated her, yet she did not fall
A courageous person, unlike me...
With a last ''thank you'' we bid farewell
As we will not meet again...''

A fifth bang pierces the silence
And as we continue our descent,
The next noble lady is a Princess.
One promised to the heavens.

We apologized for the wrongs we did
But her forgiveness never came...
Even in the end we could not right our wrongs
But we thank you for the lesson you gave us.

''The final hour is upon us and the end is near.
The last of the six is noble by heart
The tenth muse for mortal souls.
A Duchess veiled in mysteries.

The memory of you we hold dear.
Both haunting and mending.
You follow the light we leave behind
So we bid farewell.''

And so our time stood still,
Moments became eternity
And as darkness draws near,
A choice, above all else, has to be made.

Isis Ishtar, your gift became our curse
Our own doing made it so.
Now in the final moments we change it back
A first and final taste of the forbidden fruit.

''Bast, feline beauty, I thank you.
Your servant became my friend''
Our most treasured friend.
''One that changed our life

Our bond lasted a long time.
Yet now, it's future, uncertain
Smiles and tears, joy and grief
I cherish it all, now and forever.''

Yet, we should not look for strength
In the warm embrace of another.
The rose is as beautiful,
As it's thorns are sharp

Goddess, seer of the master prophecy
May we prove worthy of Your grace,
May we find peace in Your embrace.
Our dreams and hopes lie in Your Sanctuary

We are the journey, we are the destination
We are the truth beyond the veil, we are we.
As it always was and always will be, I am you
But you are yet to become me.

My little fallen angel, all answers are veiled.
All which you seek is veiled in darkness
Accept my dark power, embrace it,
Accept your true self, don't reject it

Long ago, one became two
We abandoned the Sun for the Moon.
Let Her pure light guide us
As two become one once more.

The kiss of fate is what I beg
To give us the death we long for,
Let us give our life to never die.
As two we lived but as one we die

As our time is long since gone,
Dear reader, we thank you for your company
But now, we bid farewell from you as well.
And as the curtains fall

-The rest is silence-