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  Posted on November 25, 2010 at 6:11 PM
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This is a section to talk about anything related to Site/Forum Bugs, Glitches and Typos.
Before continuing to read the rest of this guide, please be sure to read the forum rules:

In order to make this section run more smoothly and efficiently, the staff of War of Ninja has decided to put the following guidelines into effect.

1. All bugs or typos found in the game client should NOT be reported here, but rather in the Game Bugs, Glitches and Typos section. Any staff member moderating this section has the right to move/lock/delete your topic if it's not in the appropriate section.

2. Any post saying the following:
- "PM a mod/admin";
- "Report it to a mod/admin";
and such is not allowed and will be considered spamming. This section has a purpose, so glitches/bugs/typos found on the site/forum should be reported in here, and not via PMs.

3. Any post including only the following:
- "Good eye, it is a typo";
- "It is a glitch/bug";
- "It's probably a glitch/bug";
- "It could be a glitch/bug/typo";
- "I believe it is a glitch/bug/typo";
- "I think it might be a glitch/bug/typo"
or anything similar to that is not allowed because it doesn't contribute in any way, and will be considered spamming. If you believe it is NOT a glitch/bug/typo, you must explain why do you think so, otherwise you may receive a warning.

4. Do NOT repeat what has already been said or post on a topic that has been answered already. It is really not needed nor does it help, and doing so can earn you nothing but a warning. Post only if you have something important to contribute.

Please note that if any of these rules overlap the Forum Rules, these rules override them in every scenario.

We hope that you enjoy the time you spend in this section, as well as the forum as a whole.

The War of Ninja Moderating Staff.


Note: If you have any questions, comments, or concerns concerning anything related to this section, feel free to contact a moderator of this section. You can find a full list of what moderators moderate which sections here: Sections & Moderators. Thanks again and enjoy yourself.