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 Topic: Slimer's Poetry Showcase

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  Posted on April 29, 2011 at 10:16 PM
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Theslimer3, The Innocent Kid of the BETA

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In my eyes
In this one, I’m telling you about how I see things that the world portrays through my eyes. It was actually inspired by a song called “In your eyes” by 10 years. The song isn’t much like the poem, however you can see minor themes that I took.

Here is my poem that I explain on how I cure my daily depression. It’s basically me saying what it is I think of when I’m in my ‘happy place’

Caged Bird Poet
For those who are well acknowledged with a caged bird’s thoughts (mainly that it’s trapped, and pure.) you’d know how I feel. I’m mostly just asking for its purity since I’m being corrupt and tainted with my own freedom.

There's no Rainbow
I made this poem because I really think my life will change before I drop dead. My storm of sadness faded, but maybe it will get better. I may not be happy, but I’m not currently sad.

Running out of time
Sometimes I predict things that happen (not sometimes, more like 50% of the time -.-) and I’ve predicted that somewhere in my life in the near future I’m going to die. In this, I want someone to keep my heart alive.

This is a fun poem that I wrote because I was bored. It’s a stalker case nut-job who’s in love with a girl in the distance. I’m not a stalker or crazy but it is sorta based off of me </3

Take my life
It’s just a poem of my expressing that I give up with trying to make my life better.

My best friend proved that she doesn’t even care about me anymore. I wrote about how I felt.

It's just me
This is simply me being me in a freestyle poem.

It was you
Yet another fun poem in where I realize that someone who’s a friend is actually a first love. Here I explain that despite how life has progressed for her, it’s okay that we are still in love.

Watch me
“Rise above the rest of the world and make it your own”

In your honor
I made this poem for Ari I think <3

Break My Heart
The feeling I get when the love of my life seems to not love me. I know she does, but when I !*#* up, I seem to break down for some reason when she becomes... less emotional.

Ghost of a Lover
A friend told me about the pain of her boyfriend dying. She loved him very much and I felt that. So I wrote about it.

Set yourself free
I wrote this for someone. It's one of my very few positive poems.

A love poem I failed at.

Rain's Illusion It's about how I trick myself into being happy. It's a hidden message really.

Useless Exactly what the title says.