Topic: [Yuudai] Game Manual Mistakes/Typos

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  Posted on May 15, 2011 at 12:14 PM
Hikaru, Professor

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Typo 1
Typo 2

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  Posted on May 16, 2011 at 11:45 AM
crazymonkey3, The Dark Kid of Death

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here are some many typos

here are they:
Example: Blessing of the FireHawk (skill): Hinode is affected by Blessing of the Firehawk allowing Firestorm Destruction.
Firestorm Destruction (skill): Requires Blessing of the Firehawk, ...

Example: Cursed Diamond (skill): Affects Mitsuo with Cursed Diamond infinitely, altering Glass Cutter and Desperation.

should be kamiko and tadao

Example: Tadashi disables invulnerability and damage reduction on one enemy

it now disables only the invul

Example: Jinsei drains 1 random energy from one enemy.

it should be hana

Example: Yuudai increases cooldowns of melee skills performed by one enemy with 1 for 3 turns.

yuudai hasnt got such skill

Example: Yuudai increases the cost of melee skills by one enemy with 1 random energy for 2 turns.


Example: Yukigaaru reduces melee and ranged damage dealt to both teammates by 10 for 2 turns.

its 15

Example: Jyouzu deals 45 piercing melee damage to one enemy bypassing invulnerability and counters.

not piercing anymore

Example: Hinode deals 5 affliction damage to all enemies. This skill stacks.


Example: Affects Kuro with Last Sunset infinitely. During this time, melee and ranged damage dealt to Kuro is reduced by 10 and 10 affliction damage is dealt to Kuro each turn. This skill toggles.

its kurai
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  Posted on May 28, 2011 at 3:00 PM
Chas3_Th3_Dr3am, Dreamer of the Ancestors

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Monkey, I saw that too but those are just examples though. I dont think that'll be changed.

On Story and Missions Page,It says Mission rewards include:
Access to new areas
New characters

Should Tokens be in that list also?
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  Posted on June 1, 2011 at 8:13 AM
jrawls9, The Demonic Swordsman

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Some that I have noticed:

1.) 3. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS ------->Skill Terminology


Render an effect inactive on the target. A disabled effect is still on the target, but it doesn't do anything. The disable effect is mostly used for disabling Invulnerability, Damage Reduction or Stuns.

Typo: The typo here is "disable". The word should be "disabled."

2.)4. INTERFACES ------>Versus Screen

C: Battle Countdown

Shows you how much time you have until the battle starts. The timer starts at 30 seconds.

Typo: The actual count is 40 seconds, not 30.

3.)World Map

B: Village Status

A village can have an exclamation mark and or a question mark above it. An exclamation mark that a new mission is available in that village. A question mark means that you have an unfinished mission in that village.

Typo: That sentence is a fragment. Judging by the context, I believe that "means" should have been inserted between "mark" and "that."

There may be more to come, but, I am somewhat tired at the moment and can't give a closer look right now (my apologies).
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  Posted on July 29, 2011 at 6:09 AM
Sasukeps2, The Untouchable Gladiator of Snakes

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War Of Ninja > Game Manual > Interfaces > Battle Screen
Since there is no more a "Show Topbar" button and there is a "Enable/Disable animation" button, the battle screen's picture needs to be updated
  Posted on November 4, 2011 at 6:28 AM
-Lans-, The Lost Swordsman

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under '... for X turns', in the example, it says that asami stuns an enemy for 2 turns
i'm pretty sure that the person who made that page was meant to put akira there.

and just under that, the next box which has the heading '... for the following X turns:', it says in the example that Yabi deals 30 piercing melee damage to one enemy and affects the target with a poison affliction, dealing 10 affliction damage each turn the following 3 turns.
now, i'm pretty sure that there is no one called yabi there, and there is no skill in this game which has exactly that effect. I suggest you get another example, like hikaru's firebury strike.

and again, in the box with the heading 'During this time...:', there is kuro in the example, who does not exist in this game o.o, and it seems that you have used the last sunset which kurai had in BETA. suggest you change it to someone like jinsei, but with the current last sunset affected on her.

skill terminology

there are multiple sections which need to be fixed.
l'll list them all here:

- Allow/Require

- Alter

- Charge

- Remove energy

- Increase/Decrease cooldown

- Increase/Decrease energy cost

- Steal energy

- Reduce Damage/Damage Reduction

- This skill stacks

- This skill toggles
  Posted on July 20, 2012 at 1:07 AM