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  Posted on January 11, 2011 at 1:08 AM
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Why have a warning system?
Warnings are here to inform members of different rules they have broken in order for them to be aware and informed of their actions and the impact on this community.

Thus, this system is put in place to allow us to keep track of people who are repeat offenders, and give them consequences for their actions.

Will warnings ever ‘expire’?
Warnings expire after one year.

Here is the point system for the Warning System:

The following is a list of various things you may be warned for.

• Harassment - 2 Point(s)
• Flame - 2 Points(s)
• Continuous Flame - 3 Point(s)

• Spam - 1 Point(s)
• Double Posting - 1 Point(s)
• Ignoring Moderator Request - 1-3 Point(s)

• Discussing Moderators & Actions - 2 Point(s)
• Back-Seat Moderating - 1 Point(s)
• Advertising - 2 Point(s)

For all non-listed offenses, contact a moderator for point value.


The following will lead you to be instantly banned from the forums:
• Creating a Rip Shop - 2 Week(s) + 15 Point(s)
• Explicit Content/Discussion - 1 Week(s) + 10 Point(s)
• Flooding - 1 Week(s) + 10 Point(s)
• Sharing Classified Information - 1 Week(s) + 10 Point(s)
• Heavy Flame - 1 Week(s) + 10 Point(s)

The following will lead you to be permanently banned from the forums:
• Creating a Troll Account
• Ban Evading
• Acquiring 30 Point(s)

For more information about how bans and their affect on your account go to Warnings and Bans Information.


All of the preceding items apply to private messages, avatars, signatures, clan profiles and anything connected to War of Ninja.

Moderators have the ability and responsibility to create any section rules that will otherwise benefit their respective sections. All section rules override all global rules in all scenarios.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your points, contact a moderator.