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 Topic: Hikaru's Squad Library

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  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 2:15 PM
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Hikaru, Professor

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Hikaru's Squad Library
Hello, and welcome to my team library! Here I will be listing a lot of good teams which I have been using (or facing) since I started playing the game. The teams also include items! The list is sorted by specialties.

If you need a team with a specific character, press CTRL + F to easily search for it.

All Around
Jatai (Smoke Bomb/Hebi Viper), Takeko (Shishi Flute), Isshou (Battle Armor)
Niwa (Kusa Flower/Warbanner of Healing/Battle Armor), Jikkousu (Poisonous Darts), Hahen (Warbringer Guard/Smoke Bomb)
Akira (Book of Mentality), Yuzuki (Smoke Bomb), Jikkousu (Battle Armor)
Daiki (Smoke Bomb), Ryu (Intelligence Pipe), Eien (Book of Mentality)
Yuurin (Shogi), Jikkousu (Battle Armor), Eien (Smoke Bomb)
Yukigaaru (Tanto/Kunai/Shuriken/Poisonous Darts), Kamiko (Honoo Flame), Eien (Battle Armor)
Saigai (Smoke Bomb), Jinsei (Cleansing Water), Youko (Warbanner of Resistance)
Asami (Fire Arrows), Yuudai (Niiro Katana), Hikaru (Eternal Flame)
Yukigaaru (Poisonous Darts), Ikuchi (Battle Armor), Kao (Smoke Bomb/Sake)
Takeko (Smoke Bomb/Battle Armor), Youko (Agility Pipe), Tadao (Warbanner of Resistance)
Shoji (Warbanner of Resistance), Nori (Battle Armor), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows)
Yukigaaru (Throw Kunai), Niwa (Warbanner of Healing), Kamiko (Eternal Flame/Battle Armor)
Yukigaaru (Smoke Bomb/Throw Kunai), Youko (Warbanner of Resistance), Jikkousu (Battle Armor)
Yuudai (Niiro Katana), Hikaru (Eternal Flame), Megami (Mask of the Saint/Warbanner of Healing)
Takeko (Battle Armor), Youko (Smoke Bomb/Warbanner of Resistance), Jomon (Warbanner of Offense)
Jinsei (Smoke Bomb/Sake), Tadashi (Fire Arrows), Hikaru (Eternal Flame)

[Full] Jyouzu (Warbanner of Offense), Jun (Niiro Katana), Isshou (Warbringer Guard)
[Full] Jun (Niiro Katana), Ikuchi (Smoke Bomb), Tori (Poisonous Darts/Warbanner of Healing)
[Full] Tadashi (Fire Arrows), Jun (Warbanner of Offense), Yuudai (Throw Kunai)
[Full] Toraji (Strength Pipe), Ryu (Smoke Bomb/Sake/Battle Armor), Tadashi (Fire Arrows)
[Full] Tadashi (Warbanner of Offense/Sake), Jun (Katana of Niiro), Toraji (Strength Pipe)
[Full] Tadashi (Intelligence Pipe), Jomon (Strength Pipe), Tori (Warbanner of Offense/Warbanner of Healing)
[Full] Tadashi (Warbanner of Healing), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows), Tadao (Smoke Bomb)
[Full] Tadashi (Smoke Bomb), Jun (Warbanner of Offense), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows)
Sasori (Fire Bomb), Toraji (Smoke Bomb), Ryu (Battle Armor)
Jinsei (Fire Bomb), Yuudai (Niiro Katana), Karasu (Agility Pipe)
Nozuchi (Strength Pipe), Jomon (Guard of the Warbringer/Warbanner of Healing), Eien (Smoke Bomb)
Yuudai (Niiro Katana), Hikaru (Intelligence Pipe), Tori (Battle Armor/Smoke Bomb)
Jun (Warbanner of Offense), Takeo (Smoke Bomb), Toge (Strength Pipe/Book of Mentality)
Asami (Bow of Aoiro Ancestors/Smoke Bomb/Sake), Yuudai (Katana of Niiro), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows/Battle Armor)
Daiki (Smoke Bomb), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows), Ryu (Battle Armor/Warbanner of Healing)
Tadashi (Smoke Bomb), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows), Yuurin (Shogi)
Jyouzu (Warbanner of Offense), Yukigaaru (Throw Kunai), Takeo (Smoke Bomb/Sake)
Jatai (Sake), Ikuchi (Smoke Bomb), Nozuchi (Wisdom Pipe)
Kurai (Cloak of Shadows), Nozuchi (Wisdom Pipe), Youko (Warbanner of Resistance)
Jyouzu (Warbanner of Offense), Takeko (Shishi Flute), Tadao (Mask of the Saint)
Yukigaaru (Kunai), Takeo (Warbanner of Offense), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows)
Tadashi (Warbanner of Offense), Kurai (Cloak of Shadows), Yuzuki (Smoke Bomb/Sake)
Jun (Niiro Katana), Takeo (Smoke Bomb), Takeko (Battle Armor)

[Full] Amaya (Book of Mentality), Yuzuki (Sake), Hahen (Smoke Bomb)
[Full] Jinsei (Smoke Bomb/Sake), Asami (Fire Arrows), Yuzuki (Warbanner of Resistance)
[Full] Asami (Smoke Bomb/Sake/Fire Arrows), Hai (Warbanner of Offense), Yukigaaru (Throw Shuriken)
[Full] Jinsei (Smoke Bomb/Sake), Asami (Fire Arrows), Kame (Warbanner of Offense)
[Full] Takeko (Shogi), Nori (Battle Armor/Warbanner of Resistance), Amaya (Warbanner of Resistance/Book of Mentality)
[Full] Jinsei (Smoke Bomb), Amaya (Book of Mentality), Nori (Battle Armor)
[Full] Hana (Warbanner of Resistance), Amaya (Book of Mentality), Nori (Shishi Flute)
Yuzuki (Shurken), Hai (Smoke Bomb), Karasu (Warbanner of Offense)
Yukigaaru (Shuriken), Jinsei (Fire Bomb), Karasu (Smoke Bomb)
Asami (Smoke Bomb), Hai (Warbanner of Resistance), Isshou (Strength Pipe/Warbringer Guard)
Tadashi (Warbanner of Resistance), Yuurin (Shogi), Hai (Smoke Bomb)
Yukigaaru (Tanto), Megami (Warbanner of Offense), Toge (Book of Mentality/Strength Pipe)
Yuzuki (Tanto), Yuurin (Shogi), Toge (Smoke Bomb)
Hana (Smoke Bomb), Yume (Warbanner of Resistance), Hahen (Strength Pipe)
Jinsei (Smoke Bomb/Sake/Battle Armor/Poisonous Darts), Jyouzu (Warbanner of Offense), Yukigaaru (Throw Kunai)
Yukigaaru (Throw Kunai), Asami (Bow of Aoiro Ancestors/Smoke Bomb/Sake), Takeo (Warbanner of Offense)
Ken (Warbanner of Resistance), Yuzuki (Smoke Bomb), Amaya (Book of Mentality)
Jinsei (Smoke Bomb/Sake), Asami (Bow of Aoiro Ancestors), Yuudai (Niiro Katana)
Hana (Smoke Bomb), Yume (Warbanner of Healing), Amaya (Book of Mentality)
Jatai (Hebi Viper), Nori (Battle Armor), Kame (Warbanner of Resistance/Seishin Blood Oath)
Jyouzu (Warbanner of Offense), Yukigaaru (Throw Kunai), Hai (Smoke Bomb/Sake/Warbanner of Healing)
Yuzuki (Smoke Bomb), Yuurin (Shogi), Jikkousu (Battle Armor)
Jinsei (Smoke Bomb), Yukigaaru (Throw Kunai), Kamiko (Eternal Flame/Battle Armor)
Takeko (Smoke Bomb/Battle Armor), Youko (Warbanner of Resistance), Yuurin (Shogi/Strength Pipe)
Kurai (Cloak of Shadows), Yuzuki (Smoke Bomb), Yuurin (Shogi)
Hana (Smoke Bomb), Jomon (Warbringer Guard), Yuurin (Shogi)
Yukigaaru (Throw Shuriken), Asami (Sake/Smoke Bomb) Kurai (Battle Armor)
Amaya (Battle Armor), Hahen (Strength Pipe), Ryu (Smoke Bomb/Sake)

[Full] Shoji (Warbanner of Resistance), Sasori (Smoke Bomb), Yume (Intelligence Pipe/Throw Kunai)
[Full] Shoji (Warbanner of Resistance), Yume (Smoke Bomb), Niwa (Battle Armor/Metsubishi/Warbanner of Healing)
[Full] Arasoi (Shogi), Akira (Smoke Bomb/Book of Mentality), Shoji (Kage Cloak/Warbanner of Resistance/Smoke Bomb)
Yume (Cleansing Water), Jatai (Medium Medical Kit), Nori (Shishi Flute)
Arasoi (Shogi), Akira (Book of Mentality), Yuzuki (Smoke Bomb/Warbanner of Resistance)
Sainan (Smoke Bomb), Saigai (Cleansing Water), Arasoi (Shogi)
Sainan (Smoke Bomb), Ken (Warbanner of Resistance), Niwa (Battle Armor)
Hana (Agility Pipe/Warbanner of Resistance), Yume (Intelligence Pipe), Kao (Wisdom Pipe)
Akira (Book of Mentality), Shoji (Warbanner of Resistance), Yuzuki (Smoke Bomb)
Hana (Agility Pipe), Yugana (Warbanner of Resistance), Kao (Wisdom Pipe/Kusa Flower)
Nobuo (Warbanner of Defense), Hana (Smoke Bomb), Kao (Warbanner of Healing)
Yukigaaru (Throw Kunai), Akira (Battle Armor/Book of Mentality), Sasori (Smoke Bomb)
Youko (Warbanner of Resistance/Smoke Bomb), Hikaru (Feather of the Firehawk), Jomon (Warbanner of Offense)
Hana (Smoke Bomb/Niiro Katana), Yume (Battle Armor/Intelligence Pipe/Warbanner of Healing), Shoji (Warbanner of Resistance)

Note: The order of the teams is random, the teams at the top do not have to be better than the ones at the bottom.

I'm also planning on adding a strategy for every team in the list in the future, but yeah we'll see. Anyhow enjoy the teams. And of course I'll keep updating this as time goes. You can also suggest good teams and I may add them to the library. Thanks!
  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 2:18 PM
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Encore, The Demonic Elite

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Excellent guide, Hikaru Norris approves of this. You have made chuck proud.
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  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 2:22 PM
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elamento12, The Demonic Child of the Firehawk

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When a new region comes out i'll use this to end the missions quikly. v.v

Thanks Hikaru you guy you.
  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 2:49 PM
Star-K, The Fierce Duelist, Top 50 of PLS-1

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nice guide :)
this will help when im out of teams
thumbed up

the bad part is that i know 90% of those teams and i used at least once 60% of those teams

^•This Is Sparta•^
  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 3:38 PM
Hikaru, Professor

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Star-K wrote:

nice guide :)
this will help when im out of teams
thumbed up


the bad part is that i know 90% of those teams and i used at least once 60% of those teams

Well, WoN doesn't have a lot of characters at the moment, so making a lot of different and unique teams is near impossible.
  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 3:49 PM
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Kabuto__Yakushi, The Twisted Harvester of Death

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This surely is helpful to a few. But I noticed something quite funny: None of the teams listed there is used by me xD
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  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 4:31 PM
thethtutzaw, The Untouchable Shadow

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nice Igi bookmarks this
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  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 5:13 PM
louis3333, The Drunken Addict

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Wow Nice guide,I didn't know a few of these teams,I will try them :D
  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 5:34 PM
sikcool, The Swift Spiker

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FUUUUU. You revealed my ladder team
Good teams, anyway...

^ Not made by me.

  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 5:42 PM
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Squirtle, The Blue Elite of the Warrior Tortoise

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Zo my gosh! :O

Thanks Hikaru Norris! x.x

I use these for ladder now e.e
Thankies low for da avatar :3

  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 6:21 PM
-Rukia, The Ambitious Priestess of the Hebi

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Finally, you have done something beautiful there! Thank you, I will surely use all the teams you listed.

PS It's "Pipe of Agility", not "Agility Pipe".
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  Posted on June 30, 2011 at 6:27 PM
Karab, The Fierce Tiger

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-Rukia wrote:

Finally, you have done something beautiful there! Thank you, I will surely use all the teams you listed.

PS It's "Pipe of Agility", not "Agility Pipe".

Yeah, but it's quicker to write Agility Pipe than it is to write Pipe of Agility, and it still won't confuse anyone (like abbreviations might)
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  Posted on July 1, 2011 at 9:55 PM
ogichi_shirosaki, The Dark Prodigy of the Ancients

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Nice list here, good job :D Gonna check it later to complete some achievements if i really can't find a good team !
  Posted on July 1, 2011 at 9:59 PM
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jrawls9, The Demonic Swordsman

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These are some nice teams :amazed. Going to try a few and see how it goes...
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  Posted on July 2, 2011 at 1:56 PM
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Low, The Manipulative Elite

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mhm... Helpful guide. Especially to ladder noobs like me.