Topic: Swapping/Win Swapping/Win Exchanging Rules

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  Posted on August 4, 2011 at 10:08 AM
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What is swapping?
Swapping wins, usually referred to as just "swapping", is the act of having other account(s) surrender to you, be it clanmates, alternative accounts or friends, while you're playing a ladder game.

Is swapping allowed?
No. Swapping is considered cheating, and it will not be tolerated at all here on War of Ninja. Anyone caught swapping will be punished depending on the offense, together with all other accounts involved. Judgement will be made purely by the staff and no one will be punished unless the staff is sure and has proof of the swapping.

On their first offense, swappers will be banned from the arena(s) they have swapped in for the rest of the current season. On multiple offenses, swappers will be given an indefinite arena ban.

To report a swapper send a private message to Hikaru, containing the swapper's username and proof(s). When taking screenshots, do not forget to also include the "Ladder Battles played in the last 24 hours" text in them. Do not make topics about swappers on the forums.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with the game's character/item swapping feature, that's not related to this.